The Tolerant Left: ‘Kill Climate Deniers’

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The left keep losing the argument on global warming when it comes to facts. They’d rather daydream about killing off anyone who disagrees.

Thanks to a fat paycheck from the Australia government to develop the idea, a play that recommends threatening to kill anyone who won’t drink global warming Kool-Aid has already made its way to Long Beach, California and will be rolling out its full-scale production in Sydney, Australia this month.

The Play: ‘Kill Climate Deniers’

According to the website for the production, the plot centers on:

“…a classic rock band [takes] the stage in [Australia’s] Parliament House [when] 96 armed eco-terrorists storm the building and take the entire government hostage[. The terrorists threaten] to execute everyone [in the main hall at the concert] unless Australia ends global warming. Tonight.”

My first reaction was extreme offense at the outrageous grammar in the unclear write-up. I had to heavily edit the above passage to make it readable. So far, five points from the play’s author for being a terrible writer.

My next reaction was at the terrible plot. I’ve heard better storylines from 1-star shows on Netflix. You know how it will work out: At the end, deaths will be avoided as Australia herself admits she was wrong about global warming and will let the terrorists win.

Then, of course there’s the sensitive bit about eco-terrorists threatening to murder a concert hall. In 2015, Muslim terrorists locked the doors of the Bataclan concert hall in Paris and proceeded to kill 89 people.

Paid For By Government Grants

Nobody in their right minds will pay for garbage art out of their own pocket, not when taxpayers can be extorted out of the dough. The play was first commissioned in 2014 with a $19,000 grant from the Aussie government. Its first attempted staging was cancelled after a conservative journalist named Andrew Bolt rolled the ball on public backlash.

“How does the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Government justify spending taxpayers’ money on a theatre work entitled “Kill Climate Deniers? What sane Government donates to a project urging others to kill fellow citizens, even as a ‘joke’? Are these people mad?”

The Author

Author David Finnigan has called the play a “pretty joyful comedy.”

As well, he points out that since he consulted with scientists (without specifying who or what kind) while writing, and then with “climate deniers” after the title was released. Speaking with Australian media, Finnigan said:

“I genuinely think [‘climate change deniers’] understand perhaps better than myself and a lot of left-leaning liberals the consequences of climate science. And because they understand the consequences, they can’t accept the science.”

Hey, thanks for speaking for me, you dimwit. I refuse to accept the science because all of your prediction models were dead wrong. If Al Gore had been right when he came out with his bogus film, San Francisco would be under water and polar bears would be extinct and I wouldn’t be able to leave the house between noon and two o’clock because the sun would be shooting death lasers from the sky.

Last month we reported on some of the island that Gore said would “shrink.” Turns out they’ve actually grown in size. Oops.


I outright refuse to be called a “climate change denier.”

The left chose the word ‘denier’ because of its association with denying the fact that the Holocaust happened. I am not a “denier,” because I am not defined by the views of a small group of wackos. They’re the global warming hoaxers looking to extort money. I’m just myself.

Australia Is Deadly Enough

There’s always the old joke that everything in Australia will kill you. Stories about massive snakes, poison plants, giant spiders and kangaroo boxing are easy enough to find online. Recently we wrote up a story about an Australian man who found a python in his toilet’s cistern. Too bad Joe The Plumber wasn’t available.

But this time, it’s one of the citizens looking favorably on a death

Godless Sun Worshippers

There’s always a theme when it comes to the wild left. They don’t believe in God, but instead choose something else to worship. Without a golden calf around, they worship Mother Earth and the Sun and the beasts on their bellies. They believe that murdering people is good if it helps the Earth, while conservatives believe that life is valuable.

Within the Old Testament belief that we are stewards of the earth are two ideas: That the earth is here for our use, but that we are expected to take care of it. No Christian should want to destroy the world for material gain. Conservatives are intent on conservation, after all. The atheists on the left have it exactly wrong. They believe humans are parasites on the Paradise of a cold empty world.

Death Sentence

What continues to shock me is that the left, who always claim to be the compassionate ones, are so quick to consider murder as a way to get what they want.

Murdering babies is wonderful, says the left. Abortion should be be easy to obtain. I can think of no other reason to make abortions “easy to obtain” other than that the mother in question knows she will feel tremendous guilt and could be talked out of murdering her child if she has to jump through some hoops first. Just a few months ago a professor from the University of Minnesota wrote an essay arguing that Americans should work harder to identify and then abort children with disabilities.

Jumping to the chase — in the case of abortion, the murder of a child — is an important tactic for the left. They don’t want us to drag them down to fight over the facts because that’s where we win. They’ll demand fast action.

In this play, the dream is to murder all of us who’d rather not impose sweeping reforms without being absolutely sure. There is no sense for a pro-global warming fanatic to argue facts, because they’ll lose, and their schemes will fall apart.

Source: Washington Times

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    I suppose every country has it’s loonies and losers. Fortunately they do not make the decisions that can steer the country into stormy waters.

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