Is it Time for A Cognitive Exam for Bernie? His Memory is Certainly Failing Him!

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I hear there is a great screening tool out there called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment that can tell you if you have any signs of cognitive impairment. If you are a completely stable genius, you will score like President Trump did, a 30 out of 30! Perfect! But if you have any signs of impairment, it can help find the problem. Perhaps it is time ol’ Bernie Sanders takes it because his memory is clearly faulty!

Or maybe it is just selective. Yes, I suppose that is possible too.

As a matter of fact, there seems to be quite a lot of faulty memories out there this week as the Democrats whine and cry about the government shutdown. They seem to be forgetting things they said just a few short years ago when the tables were turned. Lucky for us, we have plenty of video to remind them of their arguments the last time this happened.

Bernie Sanders got asked about his hypocrisy this week, though he “didn’t recall”  the quote attributed to him.  Thankfully we have the video to remind him.

On Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) appeared on MSNBC. During his segment, host Ali Velshi played a clip of OMB Director Mick Mulvaney reciting a direct quote from Sanders regarding the 2013 government shutdown:

What they [Republicans] are saying to the American people tonight is: “Maybe we have lost the presidential election; maybe we’ve lost seats in the Senate and in the House. It doesn’t matter! We can now bring the government to a shutdown – throw some 800,000 hard working Americans out on the street, and we are going to get our way no matter what.”

Mulvaney then commented on the Sanders quote: “This is exactly what they accused the Republicans of doing back in 2013. There is absolutely no reason to have to insert a DACA discussion, immigration discussion into the funding bill today.”

After the clip, Velshi asked Sanders to respond. The seemingly flustered Senator replied: “I – that doesn’t sound like – I don’t recall saying anything like that.” He quickly pivoted: “Nobody wants a shutdown. Democrats don’t want a shutdown. I think most Republicans don’t want a shutdown. The only person who has talked positively about a shutdown is the President of the United States. He said, you know, maybe the country needs a good shutdown. That was Donald Trump.”

Sanders then made his point again: “I don’t want a shutdown; I don’t know anybody who does.”

Here’s the thing – Conor Beck at The Washington Free Beacon found the clip of Sanders saying exactly (with some minor mutations) what Mulvaney quoted, and attached it to the end of the segment:

So many Democrats are falling into this same scenario. Perhaps they all have cognitive impairment! They should all be tested asap. I would pay money to see some, like Nancy Pelosi get tested. Can you even imagine?

In 2013, the last government shutdown was much like this one, except the issue was Obamacare and it was the Republicans wanting the changes. Back then, Senator Chuck Schumer said “The basic line is: No matter how strongly one feels about an issue, you shouldn’t hold millions of people hostage. That’s what the other side is doing. That’s wrong and we can’t give in to that.”  Fast forward to today and Schumer is leading the effort to do just that. Wow.

Schumer went on to say, “[Former House] Speaker [John] Boehner comes in and he says, basically, it’s sorta like this. Someone goes into your house, takes your wife and children hostage, and then says ‘Let’s negotiate over the price of your house.’ You know, we could do the same thing on immigration. We believe strongly in immigration reform. We could say, ‘We’re shutting down the government, we’re not gonna raise the debt ceiling, until you pass immigration reform.’ It would be governmental chaos.” Wait, what’s that Chuck? You would never do such a thing?

Nancy Pelosi similarly was just appalled at the Republicans saying it was an “unthinkable tactic” and called the Republicans “legislative arsonists.” Really, Nancy? Who is the legislative arsonist now, Nancy?

Let’s face it, this shutdown has nothing to do with Dreamers and their “dreams,” it comes down to Dreamers and their votes. Democrats are shameless to be pulling this stunt and my hope is that President Trump sticks to his guns as long as necessary. We hold all the cards right now and it’s just a matter of time before they are forced to concede.


Source:  Daily Wire

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