Timber Ghost TV to Bring Back Real Meaning of Hunting

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What is the real meaning of hunting in today’s society? The pursuit of a 180-inch buck? Over the past several years, that has been the stereotype that hunting is often related to. There is so much more to it, at least that’s what the guys at Timber Ghost TV think. They’re on a mission to bring back the real meaning of hunting.

From time spent outdoors with family and friends; to supporting our American Troops.

It’s not the size of a buck that makes it a trophy.

It’s a buck that you spent weeks and even months chasing after; moving stands, planting food plots, even getting pictures.

That’s what a real trophy buck is. Being able to harvest that gift that God has put on this earth for us to enjoy is a blessing.

Find for your children and family an experience out in the world – outside of technology!

Recently Timber Ghost TV was given to opportunity to film a hunt offered to an Injured Military Sportsman through the Quantico Injured Military Sportsman Association (QIMSA.org), Razorback Guide Service and YOUNTO.com.

During that weekend hunt the injured US Marine was able to successfully harvest two mature gobblers.

To watch this young Marine harvest not only his first turkey ever, but two of them on back to back hunts and on film was not only rewarding to everyone involved, but humbling as well.

To give back to someone who has given so much to us in battle is one of the true meanings to the word sportsman. That is why we hunt.

Check out the teaser trailer below before this episode airs:

The goal here for viewers and young hunters is to not give up, press on and chase that ghost we all hear in the early morning – walking near us in the dark. So grab your bow, your shotgun, or your rifle and get out there. Hunt hard and don’t give up!

Some background:

Timber Ghost TV is an adventure based hunting TV show.

Each episode is jam packed with some of the most off the beaten path hunts to date. Timber Ghost TV’s Host Andrew Houston travels miles deep into the backwoods of America chasing bucks that have most likely never seen a human before.

Setting up camp in a remote area and utlizing the most up to date high tech equipment on the market, the Timber Ghost himself scouts, devises a game plan and executes it. Do the plan’s always work the way they were originally thought to; well, not always.

You will see the ups and downs of an everyday outdoorsman. The missed opportunities because of failed attempts to get close to a buck, the normal “Behind the Scenes” footage that other shows throw away.

Tune in each week to see where Andrew and his crew are traveling to.

You can learn more about all these great organizations and what they are doing for hunting, outdoors, and our troops by visiting www.QIMSA.org, www.TimberGhostBrand.com, www.YOUNTO.com and www.RazorbackGuideService.com

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