Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Returning to Television: But Not Without a Twist

Is ABC a bunch of idiots – or what? Are they in the ratings and entertainment business or the activist business?

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Tim Allen and his show Last Man Standing will be returning to the air… this time on Fox. According to Page Six, the show’s seventh season is also poised to bring back all the main characters as well, making changes to the show as minimal as possible. This is ABC’s loss and they own it.

Ironically, the reboot of Roseanne on ABC probably helped this become a reality, along with the massive demand by Last Man Standing’s audience. It was a mega-hit on ABC and was cancelled because of politics.

Fans are thrilled to see the return of Last Man Standing confirmed by Page Six today. The cancellation of the show on ABC came as a huge shock… it was the second most popular comedy on ABC and filled their coveted Friday night slot. Much of the humor was conservative in nature and eventually the overlords at ABC could not take it anymore. Despite massive ratings, they claimed they axed the show because of a contract. Everyone knew that wasn’t true.

“The cancellation came as a shock for many fans considering the show’s high ratings,” reported Fox News during the final days of the show. “Deadline reports the sitcom was the network’s second-highest comedy this season and averaged 8.1 million viewers, just behind ‘Modern Family,’ which averaged 8.7 million viewers this season and was recently renewed for two more seasons. It was also ABC’s third highest watched scripted series behind ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Modern Family.'”

A year after its controversial cancellation at ABC, the Allen-fronted comedy is poised to be resurrected by Fox for the 2018-19 TV season, TVLine has learned. Allen has, per sources, signed a deal for a potential Season 7 and conversations are underway with key cast members and EPs from the original incarnation to join him.

ABC executive, Channing Dungey, attempted to reassure viewers that the decision was completely non-political, stating “we made the decision not to continue with comedies on Friday.” Which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Tim Allen appeared on live television telling everyone that being a funny and likable conservative is a scary thing in Hollywood these days and the idea that conservatives were being removed from America’s lineup took off. And it seems more than accurate. “But there is nothing more dangerous, especially in this climate, than a funny, likable conservative character,” the actor said. “He is mitigated on the show by a family of women who had a difference of opinions, but [Mike Baxter] was a likable guy and a principled guy about work and ethics and all this stuff, I think.”

Rumor has it that Fox is going forward with the show after the success of the Roseanne reboot, which proves that America wanted television that was more conservative than not. It was really the only conservative show out there and was the only one many people watched. It’s a pity that it took this long to resurrect the show. Hollywood still doesn’t get it. The majority of Americans aren’t interested in much of the left-leaning messaging happening in the entertainment industry.

Tim Allen cryptically tweeted over the return of Last Man Standing. “They heard all your voices people!!” wrote Allen via Twitter. “[Last Man Standing] just might be a reality.” He said to stay tuned and he was right. It would seem that Page Six confirmed the rumors of the return of the show as of this morning. Marleah Leslie, a representative for Allen told Fox News, “I will let Tim’s tweet speak for itself.”

Speaking to Fox News, Allen said he’s “overwhelmed” by the fans’ support and made it clear that he’s ready for more of the sitcom. “The support from all the fans to bring back ‘Last Man Standing’ is truly overwhelming to me and so appreciated,” said the actor. “I, along with the talented writers, wonderful crew and terrific actors, would definitely entertain the idea of bringing the show back as there is so much gas left in the tank, more to be said, and laughs to be had.”

The possible series revival was first reported by Deadline: “I hear star and executive producer Allen has closed a deal to return. 20th TV is currently in conversations with other cast members as well as members of the series’ creative team, including producers, to come back. Two of the key Last Man Standing series regulars, Nancy Travis and Hector Elizondo, are tied to other multi-camera comedies at the moment. Travis stars in the upcoming Netflix comedy series The Kominsky Method while Elizondo is a lead of the pilot Guess Who Died, which is in contention at NBC. Insiders caution there are still many deals to close and the show’s return is by no means a sure thing but there are promising signs that a seventh season is possible. Fox and 20th TV declined comment.” The return of the show is now confirmed.

We can only hope that the Roseanne and Last Man Standing reboots will inspire other networks to follow suit and we’re going to see a whole host of right-leaning television, movies, etc. in the future. The majority of Americans are conservative… it’s time that Hollywood catered to the majority here.


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