Three Thugs Learned The Hard Way Not To Get Physical With A Veteran

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Veterans never cease to make us proud as Americans. Even after they have come home from war they remind us of how important and crucial they are to our country. This is why this story will warm your heart and simultaneously make you love your country even more. 27 year old Neil McCarthy and 26 year old Carisa Lerner were attacked by three men while they were out on a date.

The three men allegedly started fighting McCarthy while also trying to rob them of their belongings. However, what these criminal thugs did not know nor could they forsee is that McCarthy is a veteran. McCarthy fought back as the men tried attacking his girlfriend and in the process he was stabbed.

Law enforcement officials were eventually able to arrest the three men after they had run away from the scene of the crime. It took place in none other than Chicago. Chicago is nothing more than a glorified war zone. Homicide and violent crime percentages and rates are through the roof. One media outlet reported the following on the incident,

“When the attackers approached, the one holding a knife demanded his phone and wallet, which he gave them. But then he saw his girlfriend being roughed up by the third attacker, then it was over as the former member of the Royal Air Force thought he could handle all three men. He got the man off his girlfriend but was attacked by the others – stabbed in the shoulder, punched in the face. McCarthy was able to get the knife and the three ran away. The suspects got away with his wallet and passport and Lerner’s credit cards, but she says she feared the worst as she looked at her boyfriend’s knife wound.”

Chicago, Illinois has some of the hardest gun control laws this nation has ever seen yet they are rampaged by gun violence and violent crime. Clearly correlation doesn’t mean causation. McCarthy didn’t even need a gun to protect himself and his girlfriend.

These gun laws have done nothing. A criminal is a criminal without or without the silly law. But it is nice to know that one crime didn’t end with any dead bodies lying on the ground and that is thanks to McCarthy and his experience as a veteran. These Chicago thugs learned the hard way you don’t mess with a veteran. From this country, or any other, because you won’t like the result.

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