This is What Happens With Illegal Immigrants in Mexico

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Illegal immigration is a crime. And in Mexico, criminals don’t get it easy. Why should America be any different?

One of the major news items this week in border security and immigration is the fact that a ‘caravan’ of around 1,000 people from Central America are currently passing through Mexico en route to the American border with intent to illegal pass through the border and set up shop on welfare and in the parking lots of Home Depots across California.

Trump has already called up Mexican officials and warned them that their current plan to let this group of ne’er-do-wells pass unmolested through Mexico will not be a good look. In fact, Trump has already called on the Armed Forces to pack their bags and sunscreen and head to the southern border to get read to act like a human wall and prevent these ‘migrants’ from taking one step on to American soil.

Mexico and their Central American Illegals

Mexicans aren’t stupid. They really aren’t sending their best when people escape and sneak into America. If they were losing their best in a major brain drain, they’d be checking the borders a bit more often. While cocaine has been a major concern for years, police are no longer focused solely on the drug trade and the dangerous criminals and shootings that come with it.

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In the last two years huge numbers of Central Americans have been arrested and sent back by Mexican authorities in part of their own southern border enforcement. In a great turn of luck, the Mexican care of their own border has made things easier for American officials who only have to be concerned about people who are already in Mexico.

Mexico is just north of Guatemala.

Perhaps the most famous people who end up in America are members of the MS-13 gang who originated from El Salvador starting in the 1980s. But, newer arrivals can be counted among the people rejected from other countries, and they’re passed up the line into American arms.

How Are Central Americans Getting In?

Recently Mexican authorities stopped a long time practice of travelers grabbing on to the outside of slow-moving freight trains moving up from the south, which has prevented easy passage for many would-be migrants. This has forced migration routes into more difficult passages, including into jungles.


The crackdown by Mexico started in June 2014 and was known as their Southern Border Program. The rate of migrant capture went up 71%. In this graphic you can see the network of freight trains that are used by migrants traveling north. The trains are known as Death Train, Beast Train and the Train of the Unknowns and every year almost half a million people from Central America ride them into American territory. According to Salvadoran officials, around 30% of the riders are considered “cyclical migrants” because, once caught and deported, they get right back on the horse and try again.

Central America In Political, Violent Chaos

All these border crackdowns, especially from Mexico and America are likely in response to the chaos in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The three countries are all a part of the list of most homicide-heavy countries. Recently, El Salvador took over from Honduras as the most violent country in the world.

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In El Salvador, crimes against women are so popular that the government has created a new, special court to handle all the rape and murder.

The Mexican police may not be the angels of mercy who will be kinder to the Central Americans: Police are still involved in organized crime and humanitarian groups have condemned what they believe to be excessive force, including police who have knocked migrants off of moving trains.

Mexico’s President Claims It’s About Human Rights

According to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, the program to extract migrants isn’t just about keeping violence and drugs out of the country by also to keep the human rights of migrants safe. But whatever they’re doing is working: Americans have noticed a marked decline in the number of Central American children and families entering through the American border. 

Even Obama thanks Nieto for the “strong efforts” that caused the numbers of migrants to drop to “manageable levels.”

Thanks, Mexico, for taking care of the dirty work. It’ll keep things easy until the wall gets up.

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