Their Country Sucks, So They Invade America

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The grand Central American caravan has finally arrived after mostly dispersing on the news that Trump had called up the National Guard and they’re not demanding asylum.

After starting out with 1,000 people from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, approximately 50 people are still heading toward the border. Mexican officials have been working to deter the migrants as the American border is flooded with extra troops and support from the Justice Department to prosecute every border hopper.

While the caravan had been originally advertised with 1,000 people there was a short swell to 1500 before dropping down to its final tally. The caravan, which had been advertised by George Soros funded groups had already made their point by taking over the political news cycle for a week. The whole group didn’t need to make it to the southern border, and the White House response was so severe that the escalation would have turned out terribly for the migrants. Not that Soros groups cares about the conditions of the migrants (Soros can afford to buy all of them new homes), but seeing the migrants legally processed and dismissed would not have looked good, especially if they were released to Mexican officials who hvae built up a reputation of some mildly violent tactics.

The fifty or so remaining migrants all say that they will be requesting asylum in America from the gang violence in Central America. According to Jose Maria Garcia, director of a group helping the migrants:

”Since yesterday, some began to cross into the United States to turn themselves in from Tijuana and request asylum. We [the organization Juventud 2000] will do the same.”

In order to be accepted as an asylum speaker, a person must demonstrate that they have “suffered persecution or fear that they will suffer persecution” in regards to five factors including religion, race, nationality, social standing or political beliefs. A very liberal judgement could be to accept any asylum seeker who has a reasonable fear that they will be hurt; this can be reasonable if you are a part of a pro-liberty political party that is being hunted by a new dictatorship, but with such a wide range of possible interpretations it’s open to abuse.

Federal Response

When the caravan was first announced with all the fanfare of an event like the Olympics, there were several top level responses.

For one, Donald Trump announced that he was calling up the National Guard to protect the border. Then, Jeff Sessions announced that he was encouraging the prosecution of border hoppers to the fullest extent of the law, and to not simply let migrants go after being caught and processed. So far, National Guard have been deployed by the states of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to help assist with the duties of the border guard. Every President since Ronald Reagan has taken advantage of their ability to call on the National Guard to assist with the protection of the southern border.

As news of the caravan spread, news of its vulnerability went with it.

Officially, the migration ended at Mexico City and some of the people who went alone or in small groups to the American border have been reporting kidnappings and having their documents torn up and destroyed. The groups’ intention was always to split up in order to make it more difficult for American border guards instead of going as one massive group but news of the response has put the fear into many who no longer wish to disapate north on their own. So, that’s why there is one splinter group of 50 heading together. That also means that the largest group who will be looking to claim asylum will be easy to spot and are likely the ones who are the most fearful of traveling alone.

Before the weekend, the Mexican National Immigration Institute reported that their agents had intercepted more than 190 migrants from Central America in two groups, one jammed into a bus and another in a truck in south and central Mexico.

Further, they had found another 103 migrants in a truck near Veracruz. The people had been without food or water for two days. Another group of migrants, 88 in total were in a 42-seat truck in the north central Hidalgo state. Of these groups, the majority were from Guatemala.

Sources: Fox News, Daily Mail

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