The Future of Womens’ Sports: Men Kicking Women’s Butts

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Here’s what womens’ sports is going to look like in the very near future. Or should we say “womyns’ sports?” This just happens to be MMA, but reruns will be coming in every sport.

You’ve heard the expression, “Boys will be boys.” But what happens when a brawny boy wants to be one of the girls – fiercely competing with females in weightlifting, brutally tackling girls on the football field or even dealing powerful knockout punches to ladies in a mixed martial-arts cage?

First, some generalities about women. They do not have the upper body strength or overall size of men. There is no sport out there where, at the highest competitive levels, women can compete against men and win.

The winner, in 2:17 of the first round, of the above bout was Fallon Fox. She’s got five straight MMA wins by first round knockout. Why, you might ask, is Fallon so dominating? Well, the major reason could just be that until three years ago Fallon Fox was Boyd Burton. And Boyd had more than just a name change.

Until age 30, Fallon Fox was known as Boyd Burton. Born male, Burton lived his life as such, though believing for a period he was gay. He was even married to a female at one point, and has a child. After serving in the Navy, Burton tried going to college but dropped out, and began driving trucks to earn money for gender reassignment surgery, which he had done in Bangkok, Thailand.

Needless to say, the same people who insist that men and women are “equal” are screeching from the housetops that Fallon has an “unfair advantage.” To this we say, hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah [pausing for breath] hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Here’s a sample of comments in articles about Fallon.




We have to admit we’re kind of enjoying this. We’re REALLY going to enjoy it when guys who are fair to good basketball players but can’t make the cut as scholarship athletes decide they’re girls and apply for scholarships to the womens’ basketball teams on the college campuses and who make sure their Title IX attorneys turn in their applications. Womens’ field hockey? Womens’ lacrosse? Womens’ track and field?

Ohio University biological sciences lecturer Chris Schwirian told Runner’s World: “Faster men’s times for 100 to 800 meters are mostly due to men, on average, having greater muscle mass – and a larger portion of it is fast-twitch, which allows them to generate greater force, speed and anaerobically produced energy. At all distances beyond 800 meters, the main reason for the gap is men’s higher aerobic capacity [VO2max], on average, which is due to their typically having less body fat, more hemoglobin and muscle mass, and larger hearts and lungs than women.”

On average, men have longer and larger bones, which gives them mechanical advantages over women, since they have greater leverage, increased height and larger frames to support muscle. Their bones are also more dense, and they have tougher ligaments, making them less prone to sports injury.

Since these physical and physiological factors give most men a clear competitive edge in sports, is it fair or even safe for biological males – with larger muscle mass, hearts and lungs and greater strength, acceleration and speed – to compete against girls and women?

“If men can claim to be women and invade a sport that only women are allowed to compete in, then it’s a safe bet men will win,” writes the Federalist’s Brandon Morse. “All the accolades, rewards, and recognition will be taken from the women who rightfully deserve them and given to a man who essentially cheated by putting on makeup, injecting himself with hormones, and saying he’s a woman.”

Despite all of these arguments, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and Olympics have instituted policies allowing transgender athletes to compete on teams that correspond with genders with which they identify, provided the athletes undergo a year of hormone replacement therapy.

It is not competition. It is males who could not compete and win in the male sports now moving into the female arena.

If these so called “women” were magically able to have children I would keep my mouth shut, but I guess most don’t want a “normal” life they want the narcissistic “glory” to wh*re themselves for media coverage and the limelight!

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