THE END? Nancy Pelosi LITERALLY Incoherent Throughout Latest Presser At Border

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I have been covering the decline of Nancy Pelosi’s speaking ability for 3 years, as she has confused names and issues, lost her train of thought, and mangled simple words.

This is definitely the worst I have ever seen her.

In the past, many Democrats have urged her to retire after some of her press conference catastrophes.

This one might be the one that sends the camel to the back doctor!

It is literally like she was having a stroke during the press conference. She cannot even say ‘butterfly sanctuary’ correct, let alone a number of other items. She has an aide standing next to her, coaching her through simple words.

In the past, often times it was funny, like when she called Trump, ‘President Bush’, causing Aunt Maxine to almost fall over! But this isn’t funny any more. I pray for her. While I may disagree with her ideologically, as a 35 year veteran of public speaking, I hurt for her. I cannot fathom if I lost my ability to be a dynamic public speaker and preacher.

Pelosi used to be an eloquent speaker, now she is grasping for, and how to pronounce, simple words and phrases.

Watch for your self. This is an edited montage from the full conference for brevity.

This has been going on for quite a while, like I said, I have been reporting on them for about three years:

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Kyle Becker explains at the American Mirror:

“While addressing reporters on Thursday, Pelosi lost her breath during several short sentences, suffered more brain freezes and could be seen staring blankly at reporters, while also frequently repeating words.

Pelosi got tongue-tied as she welcomed Conor Lamb to the House as she flubbed his name and was forced to repeat it. At the same time, she appeared to run out of breath while speaking the short sentence, having to take a deep breath to finish.

While again disparaging the tax cut passed last year, she forgot words as she said “83 of the benefits to the top 1%.”

Pelosi again ran out of breath a short time later, having to pause her statement to suck wind.

She would repeat words, and it didn’t seem like it was for effect.

“Seven in 10 will not sh— hire new employees. Seven in 10 will not hire new employees,” she repeated.

In this one, she repeatedly used the wrong words in sentences, awkwardly correcting herself so she was clear to the journalists.

Speaking about new gun control legislation, she said there is a “commensurate bi-partisan — common sense bi-partisan supp, uh, path forward.”

Moments later, she repeated words and mistakenly said “tax force,” before enunciating “task force.”

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Of course, this one is the one that cracks me up.

Pelosi was seemingly confusing the current president with President George W. Bush, who has not been in office for eight years. Pelosi, however, was also in office during the administration of President George H.W. Bush, who was in office 24 years ago.

But the reaction of Aunt Maxine Waters in the background is what is priceless. Watch her:

But like I said. It isn’t too funny anymore. This presser at the border makes some of these other gaffs look irrelevant. I don’t care for her too much. I totally disagree with her ideology. But I would not wish anyone to lose their mind!

But remember how they treated Reagan? If he had done this during office, we would have never seen the end of it.


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