The Democrat Party Of The Straight White Male; 62% Want Either Sanders, Biden, Or Beto

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As the polls stand right now, the straight white males are holding on to a huge 62% of the Democrat vote, while the female candidates only hold on to 17% collectively! Minority male candidates, Booker, Yang and Castro, are only holding on to 6% of the vote combined.

Biden and Sanders are holding over half the the poll numbers all by themselves!

These stats are not going unnoticed within progressive circles and many are furious! Here are the current averages at Real Clear Politics:

White Male: Biden 31.0  Sanders 21.7 O’Rourke  8.3  Delaney 0.8 Buttigieg 4.5
Female: Harris 7.8  Warren 5.7  Klobuchar 1.7  Gillibrand 1.0  Gabbard 0.7
Minority Male: Booker 3.7  Castro 1.3  Yang 1.2

In some sense, the core identity of the Democratic Party today is that it is diverse and inclusive, so it really is a problem for them that only white men are scoring significantly in their presidential polls.

Even openly gay white male candidate Pete Buttigieg is getting flack, and he seems to be holding 7-9% by himself in the latest polls, while his average is stuck at under 5%.

Buttigieg, who is the first openly gay presidential candidate, was asked about the lack of racial diversity at a fundraiser in New York. He responded “that he is aware of the lack of diversity at some of his presidential campaign events, including the fundraiser he was headlining,”

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He then asked his audience for their help:

“The honest answer to that question is I need your help. I need your help reaching out to anybody that could benefit from a more inclusive and more hopeful politics. And that is something that has no color.”

Even former Barack Obama strategist, David Axelrod, attacked Buttigieg for his mostly white crowd.

If you add Buttigieg to Sanders, Biden, and O’Rourke, you basically get 75% of the party being polled hanging with the white men.

It is rather interesting, that just 2 months ago, Bill Scher stated at Politico:

Of the nine candidates officially running in the Democratic presidential primary, only one is a heterosexual white man. And that guy, former Rep. John Delaney, generally polls somewhere between zero and 1 percent.

But of the 17 Democrats reportedly still pondering a presidential bid, all but one is a straight white man. It’s hard to chalk that up to coincidence. Clearly, the women and minority candidates sensed that the water is warm for them, and the straight white men appear to be worried that this is just not their year.

What a difference 2 months make!

So what do they do? It really is an interesting phenomenon. Did Hillary Clinton scare most Democrat voters away from the idea of pushing a woman just to take the ‘First Woman President’ slot, that handed the White House to Trump?

If Democrats really do think they have a problem, there are things they can do as an institution to fix the situation.

The party could aggressively set quota goals for elected offices. It could take race and sex into account for levels of candidate support.

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The DNC could decide that they are only going to allow a limited number of white males into the primary.

In all likelihood, soft forms of this kind of thing probably are happening.

Over the next year and a half, Democrats not only have to find the person who can beat Donald Trump, they must find the one who can do so while representing and defining the values of their party.

In reality, nothing should have anything to do with it except qualifications. But that severely messes up their false narrative on racism, bigotry, and misogyny.

Of course, Swelwall just entered the race, and his far left anti-gun stance could get some traction. And he, is another, straight, white male!

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