The Daily Beast Smears The New England Patriots As The ‘Preferred Team Of White Nationalists’

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday and everyone is gathering to watch the faceoff between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII. Sports is supposed to be an occasion that engenders camaraderie and excitement, but The Daily Beast is using the event to smear the New England Patriots by calling them the ‘preferred team of white nationalists’. Nothing is sacred anymore.

The New England Patriots are “the preferred team of white nationalists,” according to the Daily Beast, because “[t]heir star quarterback, coach, and owner all supported Trump,” and because Boston, Massachusetts, is a racist city. Just wow. Boston is certainly not a racist city and the New England Patriots aren’t racist either.

Daily Beast writer Corbin Smith made his case ahead of Super Bowl LIII. There was no credible evidence of his claim mind you. But that didn’t stop Smith from stating that the Patriots are “the official team of American White Nationalism, the MAGA Boys On the Field.” He contends all Patriots fans are also guilty by association.

This was part of his nonsensical argument:

“The whole institution of Boston sports, from root to stem, is tinged with the sort of racism that brought Trump into office. The Boston Red Sox were the last MLB team to desegregate, more than a decade after Jackie Robinson entered the league. The Sox’s first owner, Tom Yawkey, was an infamous racist whose speech was peppered with racial slurs. Larry Bird became a symbol of white resentment during his time in the NBA, his jersey appearing as a symbol of white entitlement to black spaces in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing. His large teammate, Kevin McHale, was spotted at a Trump rally during the election.

“Look, it doesn’t matter if the Patriots like it or not, they are the official team of American White Nationalism, the MAGA Boys On the Field. You can’t implicitly or explicitly support Trump, who reads speeches written by Stephen Miller as a matter of course, play in a market whose sporting culture is renowned for its racism, have a decade-plus organizational obsession with undersized white receivers, and be called, no shit, the Patriots, without getting the vile Fox News Soup that poisoned half the country on your shirt. Try to put on a bib of distancing yourself, deflecting questions, telling everyone your wife told you to stop talking about it, that shit isn’t gonna work. You’re the MAGA Kid. It’s on you forever. It stalks and haunts you.

“When you root for the Patriots, you are associating yourself with a virulent and revolting strain of politics that seeks to Make America Great Again—which is to say, white, European, English-speaking. And look, I understand if you’ve been rooting for Boston teams your whole life. Fandom is a hard drug to quit. But please, look at yourself, look at who these guys put out for, and reconsider. Think about if you would want to find yourself in a crowd of sweaty, white men chanting WE’RE STILL HERE while a Trump supporter egged you on. Are you one-hundred percent sure you’re comfortable with that?”

Fans were furious over the post and roasted Smith on Twitter. A number of them, unfortunately, attacked the wrong writer with the same name, Corbin Smith, over the whole egregious incident. The article was vile and just plain mean, so I think they can be forgiven for their mistake.

Here’s more of the post just because you should know what they are putting out at the Daily Bast these days:

“This past weekend, the Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots held a rally for their sweatiest fans at Gillette Stadium. Brady gave a speech. It ended… unnervingly.

WE’RE STILL HERE! WE’RE STILL HERE! Obviously, Brady is referring to his aging, decrepit, cheating-ass squad’s progression to the big game. But, imagine you didn’t know anything about football, or who Tom Brady was, or anything like that. You would think that you were watching some square-jawed grifter throwing red meat to the hogs at an alt-right rally, screaming at the libs who thought Nancy Pelosi and her gender warriors were gonna keep DECENT AMERICAN FOLKS from BEING HERE.

“Of course, even if you do know stuff about Brady you may still think he’s on his way to pursuing this line of grifting. He flashed a red MAGA hat, an accouterment that is gaining more and more traction as a symbol of white nationalism in America, in his locker back in the primary days. He wasn’t the only one! Patriots’ Coach Bill Belichick wrote a goddamn letter to Trump right before the end of the campaign that basically amounted to an endorsement, that Trump then read on stage. And Pats’ owner Robert Kraft is also his pal, and was even shouted out at Trump’s pre-Inauguration dinner in D.C. for his most deep-pocketed donors.”

The guy is simply unhinged, a bigot, and a Boston-hater. “The city had corrupt, city hall-crony racists, brick-throwing, send-‘em-back-to-Africa racists, and in the university areas phony radical-chic racists… Other than that, I liked the city,” Smith sneered.

I was rooting for the New England Patriots anyway and now I really hope they win. Go Pats! The New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl on Sunday evening in Atlanta.

Sources: Breitbart, The Daily Beast

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