Texas Teen Beaten For Refusing Arranged Marriage

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Sixteen year old Maarib didn’t want to be sold into marriage, so her parents threw oil hot on her body and beat her with broomsticks.

Maarib Al Hishmawi was discovered after running away from her home where she lived with her siblings and parents. She was last seen leaving her high school in Bexar County on January 30th.  Maarib was found last week after being taken in by an organization that helps youths.

The Hishmawi family moved to San Antonio, Texas two years ago from their home in Iraq and the family unit has been covered in media previously.

According to the Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar:

“This young lady, at various times over that time period was subjected to some pretty bad abuse because she didn’t want to be married to this person.”

The Sheriff went on to say that not only was she hurt by hot cooking oil thrown onto her body, but she was beaten with broomsticks and was choked “almost to the point of unconsciousness” at one point.

Parents Married Young

Loving mother Hamdiyah Saha Al Hishmawi, 33 and father Abdulah Fahmi Al Hishmawi, 34, have six children in total ranging from 5 up to the 16-year-old Maarib.

The two parents would have been around 16 and 17 when they were married in order for their eldest daughter to be sixteen right now. If 16 was old enough for mom to be married off, then 16 is old enough for daughter to be married off. All six kids have been placed under the custody of Child Protective Services.

Going Price For A 16-Year-Old Wife: $20,000

The two parents have been charged with continuous violence against a family member and were taken into custody on Friday. As well, police say that the intended bridegroom, reported to be 25 years old, may also be charged.

Beautiful Cultural Tradition

Maarib was being traded to a man in marriage by her parents who were set to receive $20,000 for handing over their daughter. But, this information only became evident slowly after her parents first filed a missing persons report on their runaway teen.

Missing Persons Case Filed Jan. 30, Cops Suspicious

In February, local media was reporting on the case of the missing teen. Her father Abdulah said:

“Please help me. Every time we go into her room, we cry.”

Maybe the microphone cut off before he finished by saying “…because we were supposed to collect $20,000 for selling the stupid thing off while she was still a valuable virgin.”

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At the time, police were concerned about the “physical abuse involved in her family” but the allegations were denied by daddy dearest who said “Nobody abused my daughter.” It was at this time that mom and pop told the cops that there was a “possible” arranged marriage in the works involving a family friend in Dallas. The prospective glowing groom is 25 years old and first met the family last year.

Dad Claimed: We Were Not Forcing Marriage

Before the hot oil and broomstick beatings were made clear, Maarib’s father said that everything was above board… by pointing out that the intended husband had so far never had access to his daughter’s bedroom.

“He never touched her. He never go to her room. She never go to where he live in Dallas. I have nothing to hide. I’m not scared about this. My daughter and this guy – we help those together to build a family.”

From the interviews, it appears that Maarib’s parents are unaware that 16 is an extraordinarily young age to marry right now in the western world, and that talking to the media about whether your daughter has been alone in a bedroom with an older man is downright strange. He’s not forcing the marriage, he says, but he would give approval in court should the two decide on their own to marry.

Texas Gov. Abbott Signs Law Removing Shariah Law From Courts

Last year, the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott signed House Bill 45 into law. The “American Laws for American Courts” bill prohibited all state courts from using foreign or Islamic Shariah law in their cases. Specifically it was in reference to family courts that involved marriage, parents or children.

The trouble started in 2016 when a group of Muslims had their first “American Shariah Court” shut down by the Mayor of Irving.

FBI Involved

During the time when Maarib was missing, the FBI was invited to help find the girl after it was suggested that she was being abused. The FBI said that the family are legal non-citizens and that due to the physical abuse that this was “not a typical missing 16-year-old.”

Keep the kids, let them live freely, deport the parents.

Sources: Fox News, Kris TV, News 4 San Antonio

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