Can Texas Stop Dallas From Destroying It’s Largest Civil War Memorial?

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The fight is on, and Dallas City Council has decided to remove, which means destroying, the state’s largest Civil War Memorial located in Pioneer Park Cemetery.

The memorial located in downtown Dallas, Texas, is 65 feet high and pays tribute to the soldiers and generals from Texas during the American Civil War. It was dedicated in 1896 and is believed to be the city’s oldest public sculpture.

The center monument is ringed by statues of Confederate leaders Jefferson Davis, Robert E. lee, Stonewall Jackson and Albert Johnston.

The Civil War monument was originally located at Old City Park, but was relocated to Pioneer Park in 1961 due to construction on R.L. Thornton Freeway.

In a 11-4 vote, the Dallas City Council decided to remove the monument from its location in the heart of the city. It won’t be an easy task. The hulking monument features a 65-foot-tall obelisk at its center topped with a Civil War soldier.

It will have to be cut up to accomplish the task and will cost taxpayers a half a million dollars to remove and store. Dallas officials still don’t know what to do with the Robert E. Lee statue they removed from the outskirts of the city in 2017.

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It will take more than a City Council vote to remove the memorial, however. The Civil War memorial is protected by a historic designation and removal would not happen immediately.

It will now require review and approval by the Dallas Landmark Commission, which can be appealed to the Dallas Plan Commission since the monument and the location in the Pioneer Cemetery are both historic.

If the City Plan Commission says no, then city would then sue both commissions to get a demolition. That process could take six months.

The issue would then once again return to the City Council for a final decision, but Wednesday’s vote is a very strong indication of what that final decision will be.

Representative Pat Fallon already had legislation prepared to stop localities from removing historic monuments.

Fallon had promised one of the first bills he would file would protect monuments on state grounds and keep public money from being used to remove monuments on other public grounds.

“There are two slave owners on Mount Rushmore. Is Mount Rushmore going to be dynamited? At some point you have to draw the line in the sand,” he said.

His bill would require cities and other government bodies to put changes to monuments and memorials to a public vote. It would also add other measures to preserve Civil War and other memorials.

Now the Texas grassroots are applying pressure in Austin to fast forward the bill and get it passed before Dallas removes the Civil War monument. They are against the clock!

The pressure is on to get it passed before the Dallas memorial is removed.

Please call and email State Senator Pat Fallon and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asking them to pass Senate Bill 226 immediately.

Sen. Fallon— Phone: 512-463-0130
Email: [email protected]

Lt. Gov. Patrick— Phone: 512-463-0001
Email: [email protected]

If the Legislature can pass this bill soon enough it will absolutely prevent this tragedy. Your help is critical.

The base was was vandalized shortly after the city council decision with red spray paint.

The vandals covered the statue’s pedestal in red paint. They sprayed words appearing to say “F***, Trump, Freedom” on separate lines.

The Dallas Morning News reported city crews began cleaning the statue Monday morning. The city is working with police to see if a camera affixed to the adjacent Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center recorded the vandal in action. However, City Councilman Rickey Callahan told the paper the statue was painted on the side that the cameras are not facing.

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