Texas Beto O’Rourke Staffers DEFECT to Bernie: ‘Beto is a BAD Candidate for President’

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Democrat Presidential Contender Beto O’Rourke took a stunning blow to his campaign when two of his student staffers, Bryant Young and Autumn Lanning, defected to Bernie Sanders. Young created a video that’s critical of O’­Rourke titled “Beto is a BAD Candidate for President.” They decided to jump ship recently after working for more than a year to get O’Rourke elected, first in his losing bid to replace Sen. Ted Cruz and more recently for president.

They claim that they came to realize that Beto O’Rourke is all talk, and his actual voting record shows he’s not the progressive candidate he plays on the campaign trail.

“We were definitely very, very caught up and invested in it,” Lanning said of the 2018 senate race. “It was after the election that we started being like like, ok his voting record actually is horrible.”

“Realizing that he was the No. 2 recipient of fossil fuel money and the No. 1 is Ted Cruz … that’s really just not acceptable,” Lanning said.

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“He’s very good at kind of making this word jumble of what he’s speaking about,” she said, but “he doesn’t really say anything concrete and that’s kind of suspect for progressives I think.”

“Watching the energy build up and sort of progress,” Young says, “we felt for sure that there was a chance.’’ For Lanning, it was “very emotional.” They “got caught up in this frenzy thing,” she said.

Young elaborated in a YouTube video last month.

“If any of you have ever gone to any Beto rallies, or had the chance to meet him, he’s a very charismatic, honest-seeming person. He delivers his message in a really just inspiring charismatic sort of way, which I think brought on and accurately so the Obama comparisons that he was getting,” he said.

“But I think this inspirational charisma that a lot of politicians tend to have and tend to actually value in politics, I think it’s an inherently damaging thing,” Young said. “Because now that we know his voting record … a lot of people let him slide on almost every issue that’s important to us.”

Young created a video that’s critical of O’­Rourke titled “Beto is a BAD Candidate for President.”

The Texas Tribune explained the ramifications for Beto.

From oil policy to health care, these two young Beto exes said they never took the time to pore over votes and policy positions. Once they did — and O’Rourke went from Senate hopeful to presidential wannabe — they abandoned him and are now supporting reliable liberal Bernie Sanders in the race for the White House.

Their journey reveals a major fault line for O’Rourke as he transitions from a statewide campaign in which occasional votes with the Republicans can be an asset to a new primary playing field where some see those moves as political apostasy.

Although his record and platform clearly put O’Rourke left of center on the Texas political spectrum — on guns, immigration, taxes and more — many progressive voters see weakness on some of their core issues in the 2020 race.

Beto seems to be stuck in between. Which way does he go? Does he cling to the middle? Does he go ful socialist?

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