Texas Baptist Home for Children Sued for Sexual Abuse and Neglect!

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The nefarious happenings at the Texas Baptist Home for Childrene have been widely discussed by the Texas legislature, grassroots and media, and now they will be discussed by the Texas court system!

This one is personal folks.

There is so much to this horrific story that it would take a book, not an article, to cover the abuse that my friends, the Cook family, have endured over the last few years. Texas CPS and the Texas Baptist Home for Children are both guilty of child and family abuse. While the Cooks have been declared innocent of all charges, and their family is back together and stronger than ever, both entities stole a portion of life from this family.

Texas Baptist Home for Children


The Texas Baptist Home for Children is understood to still be allowing neglect.

I have personally watched as people from the Texas Baptist Home for Children lied about and berated the Cooks on social media. I have watched as CPS workers shamefully did the same, all because they would not hide the truth. These are very good people. They are loving and responsible parents and all of their children reflect that. They get good grades, are well behaved and polite, and they are kind and good. Good kids do not happen by accident.

I will let the DFW Star-Telegram report on the lawsuit:

The Texas Baptist Home for Children is being sued for $7 million following the alleged sexual abuse and neglect of seven children placed in its care by the state four years ago.

Five boys and two girls, all under the age of 14 at the time of the reported incidents in 2013, were “serially sexually abused, physically abused and subjected to serious medical and other neglect” while staying at the home in Waxahachie, according to a lawsuit filed in Tarrant County civil court.

Three of the boys were sexually abused by “other, older children” staying at the Baptist home, while the other two boys and two girls suffered neglect, said Hal Browne, a Plano attorney who filed the lawsuit.

The litigation uses psuedonyms to protect the identity of the minors and their parents. But the number of children put into foster care by the state and the facts contained in the lawsuit matches the well-known case involving Angel and David Cook, a Cleburne couple investigated and cleared in the death of their 4-year-old adoptive son in 2013.

In that case, Child Protective Services put their seven remaining children into foster care during the criminal investigation. They were returned to the Cooks in April 2014, but since then the family has publicly talked about the abuse and neglect their children suffered at the Baptist Home.

Browne would not confirm or deny that he and his legal partner, Lori Watson, have been hired by the Cook family, saying that they want to “protect the identity of the parents” and the minor children.

“We don’t file lawsuits lightly. If we didn’t feel the abuse was severe and long term, we wouldn’t have filed the lawsuit,” Browne said.

Like I said, the whole long story of the chaos caused by Texas CPS and the The Texas Baptist Home for Children has caused the Cook family, would take a book to fully cover.

The Cooks lost their beloved baby brother who was only 4 years old. From that point on, they have lived a nightmare caused by Texas CPS and The Texas Baptist Home for Children.

They are winning that war, day by day. The truth is winning! Not only that, the Cook children have learned to make incredible positives out of the negatives!

I would like to end with the oldest child, Justin Cook, and his attempt to get the story out a few years ago.

In a continuing cover-up by CPS in Texas, Judge Keith Dean ordered the removal of Justin’s video that exposed the sexual and physical abuse that he and his brother endured while in CPS foster care. It was removed from ‘YouTube’ a number of times before it was finally allowed to remain.

The video reveals the 377-day nightmare suffered by him and his six siblings after they were ripped from their loving family and placed in four different foster care facilities out of county. The mother told Breitbart Texas “they are trying to rake this abuse under the rug.”

I’ll let Justin tell the story:

I am so proud of this family! They never give up! I am confident that these 7 children will become fine Texas adults some day! Y’all rock!

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