‘Terrifying!’ CNN Contributor, Other Liberals Come Unglued Over Trump And Conan The Hero Dog

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President Trump met with the hero dog of the famous raid leading to the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIS infamy on Monday, surprising reporters at the White House. It didn’t take long for the left to try and spin it as something evil and terrifying. That’s if they covered it at all. Trump Derangement Syndrome kicked into high gear as Conan, the hero dog, visited the White House.

You would think that Conan would unite us after killing the most wanted terrorist on the planet. But the left was having none of that. President Trump ordered the raid and Conan is a hero for taking down a very bad guy. Both deserve attention here. Some on the left are calling Trump and Melania cold for not petting Conan. Conan was with his handler and standing next to Mike Pence. It’s natural that the dog would want to be petted by the man closest to him. Melania was trying to give her husband and the hero dog the stage and Trump was recognizing Conan. Get over it already.

CNN contributor Joan Walsh said she was terrified by a media briefing with the president honoring Conan and social media responded with hilarious mockery. Which is exactly what she deserved.

From TheBlaze:

“This is terrifying. Trump and Melania exude coldness to Conan the hero dog. Melania, whose coat is slightly macabre (to me, but others may find it lovely), moves away from Conan multiple times,” she tweeted.

“Walsh, a correspondent for “The Nation,” is a vehement critic of President Donald Trump and his policies. The president was praising the bravery of Conan, who cornered ISIS leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi before the terrorist killed himself by detonating a suicide vest.

“Trump tells you how incredible ‘this particular type of dog’ is, repeatedly, but he clearly can’t remember the name of the breed or other details. He tells us he really wanted the dog to be muzzled, which tells you about his fear,” she said in a second tweet.

“‘Conan is a tough cookie,’ we learn. Still nothing about his breed. Trump repeatedly ‘jokes’ about siccing the dog on journalists. Also, again, his command of the language rivals (maybe) a five-year-old. Terrifying,” she repeats.

The reaction

“The bizarre reaction to a simple media briefing with a military dog was met with ridicule on social media.

“This is why everyone thinks mainstream media is an absolute joke,” responded Erielle Davidson.

“Literally shaking,” mocked Jon Gabriel of Ricochet.

“You are a very sad person. Dead inside,” replied talk show host Michael Berry.

“My God you have completely lost your mind,” responded Harry Khachatrian of the Daily Wire.

“It’s clear that @joanwalsh is a horrible, bitter, miserable person. In other words, a typical #Resistance flunky,” tweeted actor Nick Searcy.

“Walsh responded to the mockery by saying that her tweets served as a distraction for supporters of the president.”

“That was a flawless attack and I guess they got quite a few of them. We just gave him a medal and a plaque,” Trump said, noting that they could not have the U.S. Special Forces at the White House for national security reasons. “They did a fantastic job and Conan did a fantastic job.”

“Conan was very badly hurt as you know, they thought maybe he was not to recover. Recovered very quickly and has since gone on very important raids,” the president continued. “Conan is a tough cookie. And nobody is going to mess with him.”

These people are just dead inside and are just awful individuals that attacked this event. Trump brings out the very worst in them and that is good… we all need to see it and learn from it.

They took what was a heartwarming event and turned it into something ugly on their side. For the rest of us, it was a wonderful moment and Americans loved it. Perhaps the dog should have taken a bite or two out of a reporter… we would love Conan even more for it.

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