Ted Cruz Blasts Democrats on Repeal of First Amendment

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ted-cruz-texas-senateTed Cruz destroys Senate Democrats who voted to repeal the First Amendment, but will they listen?

Probably not – but you can below – the video is a little long, but well worth it.

These 42 Democrats are willing to let free speech go, but this is the world we live in: Congress wants to control everything you do.

They must be confident there are not many differences between establishment Republicans and Democrats. They both want the same things.

When you watch, notice how Cruz is a master of constitutional thought and understanding. I don’t know why any thinking American wouldn’t want him running the show.

You know things are getting fascist when one of the most conservative members of the Senate is aligned with the ACLU.

Hard to believe the lemmings in this country are willing to vote for Democrats who gladly take their rights away.



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