Ted Cruz: Why Americans Should Fear Giving Up Internet Control!

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Obama and our US government could have maintained control of our internet. Instead, after a highly politicized debate, our wonderful elected officials handed over control of the internet to a non-profit organization called (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  Whatever First Amendment rights you thought you had on the internet…you can now pretty much kiss them goodbye!

I can’t say that a few good men, didn’t try. They did, included Senator Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz and few handful of other conservatives who are still looking out for us and our Constitution, tried to block the transfer on Friday, but a judge denied their request for an injunction.


Last Wednesday, prior to the transfer of power of the internet, Senator Cruz grilled ICANN CEO Mr. Göran Marby.

Senator Cruz asked one question to Marby, and its answer tells Americans everything they need to know.

Watch and listen…carefully.

Senator Cruz to Mr. Goran Marby: “Is ICANN bound by the First Amendment?”

Mr. Marby: “I think you know the answer to that question.”

Senator Cruz: “I’m asking your views.”

Mr. Marby: “To my understanding, NO!”


The transfer involved the internet’s domain name system, or DNS, which translates the Web addresses you type into your browser, like “cnet.com,” into the numerical language that net-connected computers use to communicate.

Under the plan that’s been in the works for years, the US Department of Commerce shuttled control of the DNS to a nonprofit called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), whose multiple stakeholders include technical experts, as well as representatives of governments and businesses.

Cruz and other critics had argued the transfer would lead to authoritarian countries taking control of the internet and eventually censoring content throughout the world.

“When ICANN escapes from [US] government authority,” Cruz said, “ICANN escapes from having to worry about the First Amendment, from having to worry about protecting your rights or my rights.”

There you have it folks. Attorney Generals in only FOUR states – Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas filed the injunction that was denied. That should tell you pretty much where our real conservatives live when it comes to protecting our Constitution. Let’s hope and pray for the best, because if you think that our government has OUR best interests at heart….think again.

Screwed again Focker!


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