Teacher Straightens out Coddled College Students on Trump’s Victory [VIDEO]

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You probably have a picture in your head of what goes on in college, you know, challenging classes, learning, hard work to get an education, and you’d be wrong on all points.

These days college is a place where young people go to be indoctrinated by the far left. That’s why, if you look up “college students Donald Trump” you’ll find story after story of colleges providing counseling, coloring books, videos of puppies, and all sorts of silliness to help their students get over the election of Donald Trump.


Here’s a report on what one college did at their law school, and keep in mind this is for students who already have bachelor’s degrees and who are studying to be lawyers.

Crazy, right.

As crazy as this is there’s actually the occasional ray of hope. A student reached out to a professor at Colorado State University to give her a heads up that his assignment would be late because he couldn’t deal with the election results. Here’s the message the student sent to the professor.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know why I haven’t posted this week. The election of the most evil hateful person ever to run for president has me very upset and I need time to process it all and get centered so I can figure out how I’m going to get through this. I just can’t even right now. This is so hard. I really need another week to start the healing process you know?

“The most evil hateful person ever to run for president…” There’s more.

I’ll post next week and I appreciate not getting points docked because of the circumstances that are beyond my control.

Okay snowflake.

The student didn’t quite get the response he expected, I suspect he expected an opportunity to come into the professor’s office and cry in a shoulder and maybe play with his puppy. That’s not what happened, to the shock of the student, and frankly I was shocked too. The professor responded by sending the student the Colorado State University policy on late work.

“The original post must be completed by Thursday at 11:59 PM MT and peer responses posted by Sunday at 11:59 PM MT. In accordance with the grading rubric, late post will not be awarded full points.”

The instructor provided some additional comment, “Students need to realize that we live in a Republic where the majority rules. That means that the person you voted for doesn’t always win, but you have to just deal with. I was upset both times Obama won, but I dealt with it. Colleges and professors who baby their students because they’re upset over the election are not doing them any favors. Throwing a tantrum or becoming a basket case when life doesn’t go your way is not how adults behave.”

Well professor, I have to tell you, there’s a flaw in your thinking. You seem to think that the little snowflakes sitting in your classroom are “adults.” They’re not. And while we’re at it neither are most of your colleagues. I would refer you to the case in point at Michigan law school.

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