Teacher Shames Mom Telling Her to Quit Putting Cake in Her Kindergartner’s Lunch!

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This Kindergarten teacher sent a note home after inspecting the children’s lunches shaming the parents and demanding that they no longer include chocolate cake in the lunches. A friend of the officially warned mother, Melinda Tankard Reist, who is also an author and advocate for women and girls, told her friend to “put in two slices tomorrow and tell them to get lost.”

I agree! Do you?

Unsurprisingly, (internet) chaos has ensued! While this happened in Australia, it goes on in the United States as well.

A few years ago, my niece came home claiming her 3rd Grade teacher had gone through their lunches and placed them in the lunch line in order of “nutritional value” found in the lunches. My sister showed up at the school the next day and that was the end of that!

Teachers and schools have ABSOLUTELY no business rifling through the lunches a parent sends. Schools have ABSOLUTELY no business telling children, their parents did not make a wise decision when they packed their lunches. HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!

In the Biblical illustration of slaves and masters, the schools are public servants. That means they are NOT the masters. We have allowed them to encroach on Parental Sovereignty far too long.

Here in Texas, one principal actually took away the bike rack, told parents that they could not allow their child to ride or walk to school, and then used the local authorities to have law enforcement show up at a home. The parent’s offense? Walking her child to school in defiance of the principal’s overreach.

READ ABOUT IT~INSANE! Principal Holly Ray Says Parents Will be Arrested if they Walk Kids To or From School!

Schools are for teaching, not raising children. This overreach is seen a LOT! Parents need to be paying attention and when the school overreaches, they need to be showing up in masse at board meetings and principal’s offices reminding them of their place. Our schools are failing and part of the reason is that they are not focused on their true job.

Who remembers kindergarten? I’m serious – it was important! Who remembers bringing their rug to school for nap time and getting your first box of crayons? Important stuff!!

Kindergarten from German literally means “garden for the children”

From Wikipedia:

Traditionally based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.

At first such institutions were created in the late 18th century in Bavaria and Strasbourg to serve children whose parents both worked out of the home. The term was coined by the German Friedrich Fröbel, whose approach globally influenced early-years education. Today, the term is used in many countries to describe a variety of educational institutions and learning spaces for children ranging from two to seven years of age, based on a variety of teaching methods.

In 1779, Johann Friedrich Oberlin and Louise Scheppler founded in Strasbourgan early establishment for caring for and educating pre-school children whose parents were absent during the day.  At about the same time, in 1780, similar infant establishments were established in Bavaria. In 1802, Princess Pauline zur Lippe established a preschool center in Detmold, the capital of the then principality of Lippe, Germany

In 1816, Robert Owen, a philosopher, opened the first British and probably globally the first infants school in New Lanark, Scotland. In conjunction with his venture for cooperative mills Owen wanted the children to be given a good moral education so that they would be fit for work. His system was successful in producing obedient children with basic literacy and numeracy.

Samuel Wilderspin opened his first infant school in London in 1819, and went on to establish hundreds more. He published many works on the subject, and his work became the model for infant schools throughout England and further afield. Play was an important part of Wilderspin’s system of education. He is credited with inventing the playground. In 1823, Wilderspin published On the Importance of Educating the Infant Poor, based on the school. He began working for the Infant School Society the next year, informing others about his views. He also wrote The Infant System, for developing the physical, intellectual, and moral powers of all children from 1 to seven years of age.

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