Teacher Refuses Young Girl Bathroom Visit – She Posts This EPIC Response On FB

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Well school is out for most kids, but the memories of your best and worst teachers will remain with you forever. In this particular case, it just happens to be a bad teacher. As a former middle school teacher, from experience, I can say, many tried to “pull” the bathroom excuse on me. The bottomline, it’s about mutual respect and trust. This particular teacher obviously had neither.

Here’s the story from a Facebook page:




Thank goodness there are STILL decent young men being raised as gentlemen! Obviously the only real douche bag is this teacher. How embarrasing for this young girl! It took guts on her part and the young man’s part to stand up for what they believed was the right thing! Sometimes the right thing is not always the easiest thing to do. I have more respect for this young football player or gentleman than the teacher in that room, and most likely so do the other kids in that room. This teacher was probably a teacher protected by the union….and it does take quite the documentation these days to get rid of bad teachers. If this were a transgender, she/he would have probably been allowed to leave and use the girls’ restroom, but not this young woman. One thing’s for certain…putting this on Facebook…the word will travel pretty fast about this. Doubt if any action will be taken by the administration against the teacher though, but what did you expect?



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