Teacher Intimidates Boy Over Anti-Hillary Shirt, His 4-Word Response Shuts Her DOWN!

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It’s that time of year when many schools across America that are still using the outdated agrarian calendar to decide their school year open their doors and welcome children “back-to-school”. It seems we always start the school year off with an incident of what children can and can’t wear to school, thanks to the state school code and lawyers. Here’s a perfect example.

Mason Gautier, a teenager in Ocean Springs, Mississippi was confronted by his high school teacher for wearing his popular “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt to school. His father Richard Gautier posted a picture of Mason on Facebook with the response that went viral. Capture-23

It seems Mason’s pro-Hillary teacher was upset that he was wearing the “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt and confronted the young teenager. According to the father and the Facebook post, Mason’s had political discussions with this same pro-Clinton teacher in the past.

When the teacher asked Mason if he wore the shirt on his behalf,…then came Mason’s epic four-word response.

Mason said, “No, for Chris Stevens!”

BOOM!..Hit and gone! Mason nailed it like a Dave “Kong” Kingman homerun against the Phillies at Wrigley Field! .

Every student is entitled to their own opinions – even if it goes against his/her’s own teacher’s ideologies. That’s what the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and America are about – Freedom. Freedom of Speech. Of course, they probably don’t have time to teach much of that anymore, since teachers are so busy teaching to the test. We can’t have individuals thinking for themselves, can we? However, no teacher should be forcing their ideologies on any student – that’s also in the state school code, at least it used to be back when I was a school administrator.

Mason’s going to be just fine. I highly doubt he will think he is “owed anything by the government” based on his expression of his own t-shirt. We can all be grateful for kids like Mason Gautier and others coming out of high school and still able to think for themselves.

Mason Gautier, nice work!





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