Teacher Fired For Calling Military Members The Lowest Of Low

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Using profanity to insult the military in a classroom? That’s a firing.

The Board of Education in Southern California’s El Rancho Unified School District reached a unanimous decision to fire a history teacher after being recorded railing against the US Armed Forces.

In his rant, the teacher called the VietCong “rice throwers” and compared military recruitment at the school to pimps looking for female students to whore out. In the last fifteen years the teacher has been in hot water for inappropriate classroom discussions on masturbation, for threatening to kill a student and for hitting a fat student he nicknamed “Chaz Bono.” After the anti-military video when viral, another recording of him defending the possession of child pornography was released.

Teacher, City Councilman, Former Mayor Gregory Salcido

The President of the School Board  Aurora Villon announced the firing of Gregory Salcido, giving him 30 days to appeal the decision.

Gregory Salcido is not only a (former) teacher at El Rancho High School, but he is also on the Pico Rivera City Council and is a former ceremonial Mayor. Salcido has been involved as an elected politician since 2002.


El Rancho Unified School District

The El Rancho district is 12 miles southeast of the city of Los Angeles and is 15 miles north of Long Beach.

Video Goes Viral

The following video, around six minutes in length, was recorded by a student.

In the video, Salcido uses profanity to tell students that the military is full of idiots:

“Your freakin’ stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They’re dumbsh*ts. They’re not high-level thinkers. They’re not academic people. They’re not intellectual people.”

As well, he speaks about military action in Vietnam, saying that the war was a “bunch of people this freakin’ big throwing rice at us.”

And of course, this gem:

“I don’t understand why we let the freakin’ military guys come over here and recruit you at school. We don’t have pimps come into school. Anyone interested in being a ho?”

He goes on to say that the people in the Armed Forces are “the lowest of the low.”

Triggered By Students Wearing Marine Corps Shirts

The rant was started off because Salcido was triggered by a student wearing a shirt with a Marine Corps logo on the front. Another student, also wearing Marine clothing recorded the audio on his phone. The recording student told his teacher that joining the Marines is a “family tradition” and that his father and two uncles have both served, and that he has wanted to join as well since he was young.

In response, the teacher asked:

“If it was a family tradition to beat women, would you continue it?

Gregory Salcido’s Past

In 2005, Salcido was investigated and cleared by the Sheriff’s Department after a parent complained about a class discussion concerning masturbation.

In 2010, Salcido had been placed on administrative leave after one parent complained that Salcido had made inappropriate comments in class. At the time, Salcido denied the comments, including telling one student:

“Shut up, Kelly, before I kill you.”

In 2012, Salcido was again placed on administrative leave after the Sheriff’s Department received a complaint that the man had struck a student. Salcido admitted to hitting the student, defending himself by saying that the student had fallen asleep in class. Previously Salcido had allegedly mocked the overweight student by calling him “Chaz Bono.”

Last Month: Child Porn Shouldn’t Be Illegal

After the video above when viral, another recording from a student hit the news.

The recording was taken last year by one of his previous students.

Rise in Homeschooling

According to the US Department of Education, approximately 3.4% of current students are being homeschooled, which translates to over 1.7 million students. Sixty-eight percentage of these students are white, 15% are Hispanic and 8% are black.

Students who are homeschooled graduate college at a higher rate than students from public or private schools. As well, the homeschooled students end up with higher GPAs.

Reasons to Homeschool

According to the Home School Legal Defense Association:

  • 91% of parents homeschool because they were concerned about the environment in schools
  • 77% of parents homeschool because they wish to provide moral instruction
  • 74% of parents homeschool because they are dissatisfied with the academic instruction in schools

Between 2007-2013, the number of students educated under the direction of their parents has grown 17%. And with the constant media reports of nutjob teachers like Mr.  Salcido, it’s hard to blame parents who are concerned about the environment and lack of moral instruction at public and private schools.

Sources: Fox News, LA Times, US Department of Education, Home School Legal Defense Association

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