Taxpayers Are Paying For A Prominent Terrorist’s Legal Fees in Orlando! See Who It Is!

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Terrorism is an issue at the heart of America right now and it has been for decades, especially since September 11th. Now more than ever fighting ISIS and violent extremists of all types are a top priority for the majority of Americans as well as the White House administration. This is why it will infuriate you when you find out that it was taxpayers who paid for the legal representation of one of the accomplices in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting that left 49 dead because of a violent Islamic extremist.

According to court documents filed on Monday, taxpayers will have to pay for the legal fees of the wife of Omar Mateen, the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooter, who aided her husband in carrying out his attack. Judges granted Noor Salman, Mateen’s wife, a motion waiver for legal fees on the grounds that she could not afford her attorney’s fees. When a client is indigent it means the state has to pay their fees because they do not have the funds to purchase legal counsel for themselves.

To add insult to injury Salman’s attorney’s requested the taxpayers pay for a specialized computer expert to testify in her court case so they can go through the data on computers as well as mobile devices that belonged to the defendant and her deceased husband.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that this specialist would work with three computers, multiple flash drives, four various cell phones, as well as 12 discs, an iPad Mini, and a PDF file which has over 38,000 pages. All of which are associated with the defendant and her husband. In total there are two terabytes worth of data. That is quite a lot.

Attorney’s requested this individual because the defendant had indicated that her husband showed her a picture of the establishment he attacked a few days prior to the attack. The text message reportedly had a picture of the club and a message next to it that said,

“How bad would it be if a club got attacked?”

The trial will take place in March of 2018 which means she will remain in limbo for a about a year before she sits down before a jury. Her formal charges include felony counts of obstructing law enforcement, as well as, aiding and abetting a criminal, i.e. her husband. Which means that should she be convicted she will be spending a lot of time behind bars, as well she should.

The Pulse Nightclub shooting was and remains the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States. A total of 53 people were injured seriously and 49 people were killed. As well, it was the worst terrorist attack we had suffered since September 11th, 2001. Both Mateen and his wife had sworn allegiance to ISIS indicating they were domestically radicalized believers.

After the attack, the nightclub became a memorial and the owner has refused to sell to the city. Owner Barbara Poma told a gaggle of reporters the following about her decision not to sell,

“This decision truly came just from my heart and my passion for Pulse, and everything it’s meant to me and my family for the last 12 years since its inception. So I think the struggle was you know, letting it go, and it’s just something I could not come to grips with.”

The city had wanted to buy the club for approximately $2.25 million. Despite the city’s inability to make it a memorial, now Poma has the option of creating a memorial of her own, a private one, for people to enjoy and to visit at their leisure. Something the entire community can have access to.

It is absolutely obscene that the American taxpayers are paying for the legal fees of this woman. Not only did she help her husband to perpetrate this heinous act, but now she is leaching off of the government she claims to hate so that she can get a free defense. Once she is convicted she is never going to see the light of day again which means she will never be able to work to pay back the money she is costing the taxpayers. There is no justice in that.  Given everything she and her husband did, the American people deserve justice.

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