Suspect Finally Arrested For Brutal Assault On Conservative Activist At UC Berkeley

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Berkeley police finally made an arrest in the brutal assault on a conservative activist for Turning Point USA on the campus of UC Berkeley almost two weeks ago. Law enforcement officials took Zachary Greenberg, 28, into custody on a felony warrant yesterday afternoon. University and law enforcement officials had waffled on arresting and charging this guy. Many on the right claim that it was because he viciously attacked a conservative and not a liberal.

“Greenberg was identified as one of two men who confronted a conservative activist who had set up a table in Sproul Plaza,” CBS San Francisco reports. “Hayden Williams, a volunteer with conservative group Talking Points USA was displaying signs that read, ‘Hate Crimes Hoaxes Hurt Real Victims’ – a reference to the Jussie Smollett case – and another saying ‘This is MAGA Country.'”

Neither the victim or the attacker were university students. Greenberg also threatened to shoot Williams which is being played down here but shouldn’t be. He then sucker-punched Williams and it was all caught on video. Williams has said that, as a result of the attack, he still heard ringing in his ears for days afterward and has suffered from concussion-like symptoms.

In a statement, UC-Berkeley wrote:

“Today, an Alameda County Superior Court Judge issued a warrant for the arrest of the suspect in the matter involving a February 19 assault on Sproul Plaza. Zachary Greenberg was arrested by the University of California Police Department (UCPD) on the warrant and booked into jail at 1 p.m. UCPD will formally present the case to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of the filing of criminal charges. Once the matter is presented and reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office, additional information will be made available regarding a charging decision.”

The bad PR for the university and the police got so intense they finally had to do something. Greenberg was reportedly arrested in Berkeley “on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm with force likely to produce great bodily injury.” He is being held at Glenn Dyer Jail in Oakland on $30,000 bond with his arraignment set for Monday. This guy worked for the university in 2010 as well.

“A series of delays and cryptic messages from authorities” drew outrage from Charlie Kirk, the founder and executive director of Turning Point USA and rightly so.

“This is really surprising,” Kirk told Fox News a week after the assault. “From what I understand there’s been no arrest. I don’t understand why there’s no public arrest file on this guy. If he had been wearing a Make America Great Again hat and had punched a liberal in the face there’d be nationwide outrage and a manhunt to find him. The whole thing is crazy.”

“This is astonishing — what extra work needs to be done?” Kirk said in a separate Fox News report. “The assault was clearly captured on video. If the attacker was wearing a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat this case would be wrapped up by now, daily press conferences would be occurring, and arrests would have already happened.”

Kirk was the one to put the video on social media where it immediately went viral in conservative circles. Liberal media ignored it and in fact, did not report on the incident until eight days later. The Washington Post spun it as enraging the right over one of their own being attacked. The video has been viewed millions of times on social media and has gotten worldwide attention.

“When a liberal like Jussie cries wolf and fakes an attack he receives unmatched coverage, sympathy & support creating a tsunami of attention,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted. “When a conservative student literally gets punched in the face and it’s caught on video it barely makes a ripple.” That’s the brutal truth of the matter.

“Freedom of speech is a staple American value… or it used to be!” Kimberly Guilfoyle tweeted. “Violent leftists at UC Berkeley attacked a @tpusa activist on campus. Video is disturbing @charliekirk11 is right. If attacker had been wearing MAGA hat this would be top story on every news broadcast in America!” Again, you can’t argue with that because it is true.

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA said in a statement to The Daily Caller:

“Eleven days ago, Hayden Williams was viciously attacked on UC Berkeley’s campus while peacefully recruiting for Turning Point USA. Today, we have finally learned the identity of the attacker and that the violent man has been arrested. While every American should be afforded their due process, we believe that the video evidence in this case is incontrovertible. We hope 28-year-old Zachary Greenberg is prosecuted to the full extent of the law for assault with a deadly weapon, which should be considered an act of hate. Hopefully, this dark chapter will act as a wake up call to those concerned about actual politically motivated hate crimes in America. Berkeley and all college campuses across American should be safe havens for free thought and opinions – especially for a targeted conservative minority.”

It is great news that Williams’ attacker has finally been arrested. This kind of violence and persecution should never be tolerated period on a university campus or anywhere else for that matter. Leftists are getting increasingly violent out there and this was a stone-cold hate crime. Let’s hope the judge throws the book at this guy.

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