STUDY: Acid Turns You Into An Obnoxious Hippie Forever

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A new study is struggling to draw a parallel between getting high and being a genius creative when it really just sets you up for years of flashbacks.

Like previous studies, all they ultimately were able to do was show that LSD increases blood flow to the brain and that it can change your personality for years. LSD tends to give its users a sense of hippie “oneness” with other people and with Mother Earth, man, and the effect seems to stick around for a very long time.

Spanish Study

A research fellow at the Center fro Brain and Cognition at the Pompeu Fabrau University in Spain has been speaking to media about a new study of which she was one of the co-authors. Its full title is “Connectome-harmonic decomposition of human brain activity reveals dynamical repertoire re-organization under LSD.”

In the abstract of the paper, the authors agree that the “underlying dynamics” of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) on the human brand are not fully understood, so the group wanted to use a different measure by which to see how the brain changed state.


The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRIs), which measures brain activity by monitoring blood flow. From there they mixed-and-matched LSD, placebos and listening to music.

Using LSD while listening to music appears to have emphasized emotional response in the brain. To me, that sounds like an admission that you only take LSD for fun when you want to let your emotions take charge of your rational side.

It’s ‘Harmonizing,’ Man

After the findings on the report came the “discussion” which delved deep into how LSD could be used for creativity and not just enjoyment.

While pointing to an fMRI study of jazz musicians showing how improvisation lights up the brain, the authors suggest that the increase in activity and “novel brain states” in trained jazz improvisers could be replicated by dosing up patients with drugs.

That doesn’t seem right — a jazz musician with nature talent and decades of hard work can achieve the same brain gains as some schlub getting high on a couch? Isn’t this just wishful thinking?

Even if you take steroids, you still have to work out to get big. LSD might be the same way — unless you put in the work in the first place, it’s not going to take you anywhere. All those brililant musicians in the 60s were brilliant before they started taking drugs. So far I haven’t found a single good album produced by a nobody who just happened to take a month off of work to get really, really high.

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Jazz improvisers experience lots of new brain states due to their creativity and intelligence. LSD users also experience new brain states, but it’s based on nothing. That’s where flashbacks come from: Jazz musicians can re-experience their expanded brain states, and so can stoners. But the musicians have an expanded consciousness into something that’s real, whereas hippies? Not so much. And because brain states can last for years or for the rest of your life, they turn into what we call flashbacks where hippies re-experience the time they dropped acid 20 years ago.

‘Microdosing,’ Man

San Francisco has given us lots of weird things in the past, like drinking untreated “raw water” and warning rapists that ICE is going to arrest them. Now it looks like “microdosing” on LSD is the newest trend.

Rolling Stone reported on the trending of taking a very low dose of LSD in an attempt to boost productivity, or something. One 25-year-old at a tech startup said that he “microdoses” at home and at work and that he enjoyed “talking to a lot of people” and providing tech support. He’s got a master’s from Stanford and this is how he spends his days.

One researcher claims that LSD is a “healthy alternative to Adderall.”

So far there doesn’t appear to be any benefit beyond giving you a “little bit of insight.”

Other healthy alternatives: Getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night, eating real food instead of takeout, getting some fresh air and going to the gym. Or drop acid. Whatever, man.

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Previous Study: I Like It So It Must Be A Wonder Drug

In 2016 a big study, also involving drugging subjects which sticking them in an fMRI should that yes, taking acid lights up your brain as blood begins to flow.

With the same leap of faith, the researchers at the time suggested that LSD could be used to treat psychiatric disorders, and could be like, totally used to like treat depression, man.

Despite their assertion that LSD gives you a sense of “oneness with others and nature,” they were unable to come up with any ideas on how this information could ever be helpful.

Sources: Nature, Wikipedia, The Guardian

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    It took a study to determine this? I have always said marijuana is a gateway drug and it is best not to start.

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