If Students Are Voting Here’s Next Year’s “Teacher of the Year” [VIDEO]

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Next year’s “Teacher of the Year” is all wrapped up his if second graders in Godley, Texas have anything to say about.

Brenda Young teaches second grade and at this year’s “Meet the Teacher Night” she handed out a letter to parents with her homework policy for next year. It’s raising more than a few eyebrows.

That’s right, no homework. Again, here’s what the letter said.

“Research has been unable to prove that homework improve students performances. Rather, I asked that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success. Eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside, and get your child to bed early.”

This “no homework” concept for elementary school kids is being tried in a number of places around the country. Some teachers in Kansas City found out what Brenda Young is doing and are talking about doing it in their classrooms as well. Here in my home state of Arizona, one school district is experimenting with a no homework policy this year and if it works out it may be implemented in elementary schools across metropolitan Phoenix.

It certainly is controversial, but kids connecting with their families can only be a positive thing. The real question may be, “Are the families going to eat dinner together, read together, and play together?” Or will helicopter parents simply let their kids play more video games while they do whatever helicopter parents do?

It will certainly be interesting to see what will happen, what do you think about this?

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