Students Earning College Credits For Classes Promoting Bigotry at Colorado University

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To get your higher education Graduate Certificate in Diversity, you must first attend a White Privilege Conference. This is a real program offered by a real school.

As one of the credit hours that contributes to a Graduate Certificate in Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion, your course called Intersections of Privilege requires students to sign up for a conference organized by the same professor teaching the course.

Prof. Abby Ferber

Prof. Abby Ferber is a sociology professor at the University of Colorado’s Colorado Springs campus. According to her CV, she has written books including White Man Falling: Race, Gender and White Supremacy, along with co-editing The New Basics: Sex, Gender and Sexuality and co-writing Making a Difference: University Students of Color Speak Out.

That’s funny, they don’t have a photo of her on the University’s website, maybe it’s somewhere else —

Not quite the look I was expecting from someone who would write Home-Grown Hate: Gender and the White Supremacist Movement, but pretty close. She indeed has a PhD if you had any lingering doubt that post secondary is garbage fire.

The class she is teaching is built almost entirely around the White Privilege Conference. Despite classes for this being hosted online, students are still required to have the extra cash laying around for transportation, Airbnb and attendance to the Michigan conference.

At this time it is unclear what other course work — if any — will be required of students taking this subject.

White Privilege Conference

For the low cost of a few hundred bucks at student rates, you too can join hundreds of other people who want to join in a conversation about those darn white people. The White Privilege Conference will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan this weekend and it has been running at full blast for the past 17 years. If they’re setting out to fight White Privilege, they must not be doing a great job. Maybe another 17 years will be enough to take down the white devil.

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According to the conference’s website, White Privilege is “is the other side of racism” and covers almost everything about the world we live in. You name it, it’s white privilege.

Ironically they say that white privilege is not being forced to have to think about your race on a daily basis. Thanks to fools like these fellas, I do think about my race on the daily because of people who try to make me feel terrible for it.

Recently we wrote up Ted Nugent’s latest ticking-off of the left and wrote how he didn’t realize that racism was a daily phenomenon until the left wing media decided it would be once Obama took office.

Certificate in Diversity

The course credit that requires students to attend this conference is then applied toward a Graduate Certificate in Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion.

Other credits you can take toward this certificate include :

  • Unmasking Whiteness, which sounds like they’re skinning white people alive
  • Intersections of Privilege, which is the course that requires you to go to the White Privilege Conference
  • Inclusive Teaching
  • Cross-Cultural Facilitation Techniques, which is offered by the organization Stir-Fry Seminars and Consulting. Stir-Fry Seminars was founded in 1994 and had an early fan in Oprah Winfrey. The group has fleeced more than 500 corporations by offering seminars in “listening.” Among the groups that had handed over money to this group are NASA, Best Buy, IBM, the US Coast Guard, the US Postal Service and the US Department of Defense.


Other Degrees Offered By Colorado Springs

Whenever I want to judge a university I take a flip through to see what other courses they offer. Generally, bad schools have forgotten about the classics. Nobody has been expected to learn Greek or Latin or read the Iliad before graduating with an arts degree for decades.

At Colorado Springs, you are able to graduate with these degrees:

  • PGA Golf Management
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Women’s and Ethnic Studies
  • Game Design and Development

…but, no “Classics” degree. They offer a “Humanities” degree but the courses offered there include:

  • Poetry and Social Justice
  • Walking As Knowing
  • Underbelly of American Politics
  • History of the Broadway Musical

You know what, that’s enough reading through the calendar. Universities are dead. Colleges are dead. Degrees are worthless.

Source: Campus Reform, Stir-Fry Seminars

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