Students Believe Obama Deserved The Nobel Prize But Don’t Know Why

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With Trump in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the Korean peninsula, California college kids agree that Obama deserved his award.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump did not run on the promise to end the Korean War, which has never been officially ended since its start in the 1950s, Trump will soon be the first American President to meet with a leader of North Korea.

Before we head on to the students, a quick recap.

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The end of the Korean War and reopened communications with North Korea will go down in the strangest history books, because to the rest of us, it all started with Trump insulting Kim Jong-un’s appearance on Twitter. Then, Trump along with Rex Tillerson was able to repatriate Otto Warmbier after being tortured since his capture during the Obama administration.

Now, the South Koreans are singing the praises of The Donald, and not only because of Mike Pence’s preference to spend time visiting the country with his own family. Thanks to Trump’s intervention and threats to stick missiles up butts, the two North Korean leaders had a short meeting a few weeks ago.

And now, Trump will meet North Korea’s dictator in Singapore on June 12th. The confirmation of the beautiful city of Singapore south of Malaysia was only announced on May 10th.

Singapore and the capital city of North Korea are marked on this map.

Why Did Obama Receive A Nobel in 2009?

In 2009, less than one year into his presidency, Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for his promotion of nuclear nonproliferation, for fostering a “new climate” of international relations and for being nice to Muslims.

According to the committee, Obama had won a peace prize for his:

“extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

That is, he received a participation trophy before the game even began.

Looking back, we now have the disastrous, multi-billion dollar nuclear deal with Iran that was based on lies and the “Jay-vee” team of ISIS. Well, not really. Trump has been taking care of all of these issues, and more. Looks like fixing Obama’s mistakes is easy, because Trump is barely halfway through his first term and he’s already cleaned up years worth of madness.

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Asking College Kids The Same Question

Even conservatives who don’t absorb the news on the daily know vaguely that Obama won his prize for nothing, because it’s true — Obama was essentially given an award for being the first black guy to be voted into office by those racist Americans, and the Nobel committee was falling over themselves to hand their award over to Mr. Progressive.

So on to the students at UC Santa Cruz in the University of California system.

When asked whether they thought Trump deserved a Nobel Peace Prize:

“Hell no, that’s a joke! What has [Trump] done for peace?”

“No, I feel like he just thinks that he deserves many awards.”

“It’s just too good of a prize for him to have credit for.”

So, a nice little array of feelings-based ideas.

When asked if they thought Obama had deserved his award in 2009, and what exactly he did to deserve the award:

“…was it for his education… or was it for Obamacare?”

“I’m not even sure what he did to get the award, like, to be honest.”

Image courtesy Campus Reform

The Video

Here’s the video collected and edited by our friends at Campus Reform:

Previously At UC Santa Cruz

In 2014, we reported that a 20-year-old woman was on the Californian campus for some kind of LGBTQWERTY conference and she claimed to have been raped in broad daylight. The story turned out to be a hoax:

“The bizarre truth is that she successfully used Craigslist to locate a stranger who agreed to beat her up in exchange for sex. In a failed ad, which found no takers, sought somebody to shoot her in the shoulder. A second ad, seeking someone willing to “punch, kick and bruise her” panned out.”

So, the woman and her “attacker” had consensual sex and then she called 911 with her bruises to say that she had been raped by a mystery man while she was out looking for banana slugs on a walking path.

Sources: Campus Reform

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