Student at Kent University Detained When Overheard Talking About Second Amendment

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A female student found herself dragged in front of campus police after being overheard on a phone call talking about her concealed carry permit.

On April 27th, Leandra Westbrook was detained after a conversation with her friend via the phone was considered to be worth investigating. While on campus, Westbrook told her friend:

“…it is a shame that I cannot carry a gun on campus, considering I have my carry license.”

Leandra Westbrook, student at Kent State, at a shooting range.

Campus ‘student cadets’ heard the phonecall and reported her to campus police around 12 noon, according to information obtained from two reports.

Campus Police Report

This is how Westbrook was described in the campus report, authored by Sgt. Parker:

“…a white female, approximately 5’4″, she was wearing a denim jacket with a white shirt under it, and an off-white ball cap. She had blond hair in a pony tail, out the back of the ball cap.”

Oooo, terrifying. White women in ponytails are the number one source of campus violence.

The report states that the cadets who overheard the girl talk about owning a gun and went to tattle to the campus cops, who in turn called in the real cops. The campus cop went to the lecture hall that Westbrook had entered for class — she was about to take a quiz in her anatomy class — and explained to the professor what was going down.

The professor didn’t seem too concerned and said that she didn’t want this to interrupt the quiz, so she suggested that Westbrook wait outside the classroom, which is what happened.

With Westbrook outside, the campus cop explained what was happening and that’s when Officers Spahr and Wilson arrived and “took over the call.” Officer Spahr, a female, patted Westbrook down and asked to check her bag, which showed that Westbrook was not carrying a firearm.

At this point, the campus cop went back to their own station.

Official Police Report

According to the official police report, they assumed that Westbrook was “in possession of a firearm”

“Westbrook stated that she does have her CCW but was not in possession of it because she knew she could not have a firearm on campus. She explained that she had been talking about the open carry demonstration on the phone with a friend.”

Westbrook Will Report Student Cadets To Police For False Report

There are a few sticky issues here focused on the part where the police report indicated that the ‘student cadets’ reported that Westbrook was likely carrying a weapon, when Westbrook says that she was simply talking about firearms on the phone and expressly indicating that she did not have her gun on her.

Since Westbrook is known to be a conservative and has continued to be harassed over the incident, she wants to take matters “into [her] own hands.”

“I’ll be reporting the people who harassed me to the police, as well as the student cadets who reported me for having a gun for falsifying a report, as they said that they heard me say I had a gun and was afraid to get caught with it, which is not true.”

But, she’ll wait until exams are all over before filing reports, saying that all she wants is for people to be held accountable for their actions. As well, she plans to start up a concealed carry club at the school to “teach people about gun safety and the gun control laws we already have in place.”

Kent State

Located in Kent in northeastern Ohio, the school enrolls almost 40,000 and is best known for the 1970 Kent State shootings, where four students were shot and killed by the Ohio National Guard called to the campus during a protest against the American bombing of Cambodia.

U of Texas Concealed Carry Stops Massacre

Last May, one person was stabbed to death during a daytime stabbing at the University of Texas at Austin. The suspect was soon taken into custody thanks to a nearby student whose concealed carry permit allowed him to stay armed on campus.

Multiple people have sustained potentially serious injuries, and one has died after a stabbing attack on the University of Texas at Austin campus. At least three people have been attacked, and images of students being treated are circulating online.”

The news that the suspect was stopped by a student with a concealed carry permit was spread by the student body president soon after. For the past few years, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been advocating for open carry, not only concealed.


Sources: Campus Reform

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