Street Artist DESTROYS Radical Muslims AND Ben Affleck In Epic New Posters

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Art is an integral part of legitimate self-expression, one that has come under attack from crazed radical Islamists in the last few weeks after a couple of nuts shot up a satire publication for publishing “offensive” cartoons about the prophet Muhammad.

This obvious attack on freedom of speech–designed to make us all pee our pants and bow down to the will of these fascists-in-training–has inspired many across the world to stand in complete defiance against this form of oppression.

Perhaps nobody is striking back as hard–from an artistic standpoint–as the L.A. street artist blasting a new and VERY controversial poster targeting radical Muslims and actor Ben Affleck.

From IJReview:



It features one of the Charlie Hebdo‘s controversial covers, but added the words “Goodwill Hunting?” The poster itself is of an Egyptian being killed in a hail of gunfire with the words “the Koran is crap” and “it cannot even stop these bullets.”


Furthermore, as the Westside is a well-known progressive left neighborhood, it’s implying that the efforts to not offend Muslims — to accrue goodwill — has obviously failed.

So you might be wondering why the “Goodwill Hunting” dig at Affleck.

Well, it’s because the leftist hack got his Batman jockey shorts all in a wad when Bill Maher noted Islam’s obvious connection to much of the world’s terror problem.

Since these posters were slapped up all over Affleck’s neck of the woods, it’s likely the artist had those comments in mind and decided to kill two birds with one stone, criticizing radical Islam and a brain dead progressive hack at the same time.

Regardless, I think it takes tremendous guts and courage to post up such a blunt message, but that’s what makes free speech such a beautiful thing.

It doesn’t matter if I agree with you, or you agree with me. We are each given the right express our ideas and opinions, freely exchanging views, which ultimately leads to either a change of heart or a firm resolve in the belief system we already hold to.

Let’s hope others are inspired by this display to share their thoughts and opinions openly without fear.

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