Stop Shooting Laura Ingraham: Save Your Bullets for the Terrorists

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The shooting in Garland, Texas at the Draw Muhammed contest has Christian conservatives challenging and eating each other.

Bite your tongue, or the terrorists have won.

Friends, before you start name calling and questioning dedication to the cause, please activate the logic and reasoning portions of your brain, lest you teeter into the camp of leftist lunacy.

Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham have criticized the cartoon contest, and now the conservative social media machine is aghast, questioning their conservatism.

So please, let’s get this straight: analyzing actions is not equivalent to questioning the right to engage in said actions.

We cannot win the fight against the left by becoming them. And when we sacrifice integrity and values we do become them.

I came across disapproving tweets calling Ingraham and O’Reilly pro-lib, sheeple and appeasers. Another said Ingraham was hiding behind Christian values. Hiding what? Her disdain for the first amendment? Her support of radical Islamists? She’s using Christian values to hide some nefarious, anti-American thinking? Please.

She’s not hiding anything, she’s simply promoting Christian values – as our Founding Fathers did.

Ingraham was stating truth. She was addressing what is right and what is effective.

A cartoon drawing contest mocking Muhammed is not an effective means of fighting terrorism.

Megyn Kelly, whom is usually spot-on in her analyses, missed the mark this time. When responding to Bill O’Reilly her take was somewhat irrational. “You know what else the jihadis don’t like? They hate Jews. Should we get rid of all Jews?”

O’Reilly was not implying we get rid of all things that jihadis don’t like – that would mean getting rid of Fox News itself. And bacon. He was making the point that the event was conducted to intentionally insult people, and when Islamists are insulted they chop off people’s heads.

And they consider every breath an American takes as an insult, therefore the contest proves no point. It doesn’t say “you can’t kill us for mocking you.” They want, and will try to kill us for existing. So purposefully offending them does not impede their depravity, it chips away at our Christian values.

Christians should promote consideration and decency. We should preach truth, and not rely on ridicule. Soley on ridicule, that is: sometimes it’s necessary, like when Hillary supporters dress up as lady parts holding a sign saying, “Stay out of my vagina,” it begs the comeback, “Bill won’t agree to that.”

As a Christian, I do not want to see an event that’s sole purpose is to ridicule Christ. Of course, there need not be an event since Christianity is widely disparaged via movies, television, and the educational system. But Christians don’t show up with guns blazing every time they’re mocked and try to shut down or punish free speech, so I doubt there would be a big event with the intent to insult. The point would be moot. So yes, I understand the reason the Pamela Gellar organized the event. I’m not saying that the artists didn’t have a right to participate in it. And I’m certainly not saying that she or the participants incited or deserved the attempted attack.

I’m saying, it was not a wise idea.

Yes, yes, freedom of speech. Yes, yes, when terrorists react in this manner it reveals that Islam is not a religion of peace. It highlights the intolerance, brutality and evil amongst some of its followers.


We of sound mind already know this. Those on the left… nothing will convince them. Nothing will deter them from their religion of emotional “tolerant” appeasement.

What was the point of the contest? To show terrorists that we can mock Mohammed, and they cannot shut us down? Nonsense. They’re going try no matter what we do.

I hate the piece of “art” entitled Piss Christ, where Jesus on a cross is submerged in a jar of urine. It greatly offends me. It offends most Christians. But we don’t show up to murder the artist because that does not represent the values of Christianity. Showing up to kill the mockers of Mohammed… that does represent the values of Islamists, revealing the vast difference between the religions. Let’s capitalize on the differences.

Please take a Valium, friends. No one is suggesting we silence criticism. No one is proclaiming that it was a natural, normal reaction for someone to show up to the event with guns blazing. Although, thank God, one man was there with a gun to kill the despicable, evil barbarians who really were attempting to silence criticism.

The terrorists are foul, savage dregs of humanity. They deserved to be shot dead. (God bless Texas). It was not the fault of those involved with the contest, they did not incite an attack and they shouldn’t have “known better.” The blame lays only at the feet of the terrorists. But here’s the great thing about critical thinking: we can hold two distinct thoughts without one relying on the other. We can disapprove of the contest and we can condemn the evil actions that followed. They are not mutually exclusive.

Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham understand that. So save the outrage for the appeasers in the mainstream media who are blaming the contest, who are claiming they should’ve known better, who are calling them Islamophobes.

We have a right to criticize government and religions. And we have the right to criticize O’Reilly and Ingraham. But we also have a duty to differentiate between rights and values.

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