Stop Buying Guns & Ammo!!!

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Seriously, stop it.  I went to a gun show this past weekend in Michigan and almost shat myself when I saw the price that people were selling ammunition.  $65 for a crappy box of 525 rounds of Federal 22lr and a dollar a shot for basic 223 and 308???!!!  That box of 22lr was $14.99 not even 6 months ago.  Ok, I have to come clean.  That was me selling the ammo for that price and I would have felt bad, but the growing wad of money in my pocket eased my feelings of remorse.  What can I say, I was prepared for this day and they weren’t.   I did notice that the $2,000+ AR-15s of December 2012, now aren’t selling at even $1,100.  At least that has died down a little.  People are starting to realize that without ammo, an AR is just a really expensive conversation piece/club.

Here’s the math on why not to buy right now.  These price hikes are caused 100% by panic and insane demand.  If we all stop buying, the prices will stabilize and go down.  No current law in Congress (that is actively being pushed) would restrict the purchase of ammunition.  About all they may get (and I pray they don’t) are enhanced background checks.  Now it is time for me to go ADHD on you and get off track for a minute and address the background check issue.  In short, these background checks wouldn’t do a damn thing to make anyone safer.  However, they will make the politicians who vote for the bill feel like they are really dealing with the problem of “firearm’s violence” in America.  It doesn’t matter that no background check would have stopped Aurora or Sandy Hook from happening.  But, let’s not let the facts get in the way of an asinine law.  Seriously, what would this new background check form look like if this bill were to pass:

-Have you spent time on anti-depressants in the past year, or are you currently on medication that could make you snap and go postal?

-Do you suffer from PTSD?

-Are you a member of a militia, or the NRA?

-Do you have more than 500 rounds of ammunition in your house?

-Are you really really super pissed at someone right now, I mean SUPER PISSED?

-Do you have thoughts of strangling kittens or harming small, woodland creatures?

-Seriously, are you crazy?  We really need to know so that this FFL dealer does not sell this gun to you and then you go and use it to harm others.

Ok, now that the enhanced background check theory has been debunked ever so masterfully by Mr. Ags, on to my original rant of not buying guns and ammo.  Just stop it.  Relax.  Let Walmart, and your online retailers, restock their shelves and then get back to shooting and buying ammo at a normal pace.  Just because you bought an AR-15 does not mean you need to purchase an entire pallet of 223.  This too shall pass.

Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: @blackswampfire and [email protected]

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  1. Brian Mumford says

    I like what you said, but I would amend one thing. I don’t think we
    should stop buying guns & ammo from responsible retailers who
    haven’t jacked up their prices. That would only hurt ethical business
    people who understand the economic and social issues. Raising prices on
    firearms & ammunition makes owning and enjoying (practicing and
    hunting) with them beyond what people can afford long-term. And remember
    this, once the genie is out of the bottle, these prices will never
    return to normal. As a result, we’re going to see gun ownership as a
    percentage of the population start to decline just as hunting has over
    the last few decades. When this happens, we’ll have less support, we’ll
    lose more political battles, and we’ll see tyranny like we never have
    set in. Let’s keep responsible and ethical people in business. In fact,
    let’s make sure we give this rare breed our unwavering loyalty, not
    just for now, but for as long as they remain responsible and ethical
    business people.

  2. Guest says

    I like what you said, but I would amend one thing. I don’t think we should stop buying guns & ammo from responsible retailers who haven’t jacked up their prices. That would only hurt ethical business people who understand the economic and social issues. Raising prices on firearms & ammunition makes owning and enjoying (practicing and hunting) with them beyond what people can afford long-term. And remember this, once the genie is out of the bottle, these prices will never return to normal. As a result, we’re going to see gun ownership as a percentage of the population start to decline just as hunting has over the last few decades. When this happens, we’ll have less support, we’ll lose more political battles, and we’ll see tyranny like we’ve never have set in. Let’s keep responsible and ethical people in business. In fact, let’s make sure we give this rare breed our unwavering loyalty, not just for now, but for as long as they remain responsible and ethical business people.

  3. St8kout says

    As with anything in demand I’m waiting for good ole capitalism to kick in and ramp up production. I’m surprised it’s taking ammo manufacturers this long to cash in on a hot trend. Usually companies are falling all over themselves to get a piece of the pie of anything that is in high demand. Surely they know that gun sales are through the roof and those buyers will want to get experience at a shooting range with their new ‘toy,’ so it’s not just going to be a short term fad. Greed does indeed work.

  4. Chief says

    I agree. You newcomers to armed America are really screwing this up for us who have always been shooters and collectors, members of the NRA, shooting range members and just general exercisers of our 2nd amendment rights. Nice to have you aboard now. But seriously stop hoarding ammo. Once your garage is full you can relax

  5. thehammer says

    I say buy it up and don’t stop as long as citizens are buying and not the gov.and good American privatley owned gun and ammo companys are making lots of money

  6. Steve Pomilia says

    Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,I have been trying to convince everyone I know of these facts,but it seems they all want to be the one with the last box,at any cost.I just get more bow practise in.these people are playing right into the game of being manipulated by the system.wake up and relax

  7. Ron Colvin says

    Good read, you are correct. I have about 1500 .22lr for cheap fun and don’t run out for more every few days. I just buy what i shoot.

  8. Lee says

    I am in Michigan and the prices at gun shows are BS but all the local stores sell at a reasonable price.
    The problem is these turds are buying up as much as they can to inflate the price…ill never go to another gun show again.

  9. James Maxwell says

    But it so nice to walk out to the ammo bunkers and see all that pretty brass just waiting to be used on
    Zombie targets. Seriously, I have a fair stock of ammo for my weapons and while it will not take me
    to a war zone it will allow me to make a differece is someone attempts to enters my home or property
    in a criminal manner or take out crazed animinals that might be on my property. It will also allow me to
    take out animinals for food purposes and insure that we enjoy the bounty of nature as God intended.

  10. shayelyn says

    The article states that no current law in Congress (that is being being pushed) would restrict the purchase of ammunition. This may be true. But my Wal-Mart currently restricts the purchase of ammunition to 3 boxes per person per day. And that’s not three boxes of one type of ammo, as many different as you want, that’s 3 boxes total of all ammo per person, per day. Sounds like a restriction to me.

  11. Kay Merkel Boruff says

    As my 101st Airborne/Special Ops brother always reminded me when I left the house–keep your power dry & watch your 6:00. Enjoy the journey . . . on the “write” track.

  12. Rick Allen says

    Come on now Obummer, you or one of your twits wrote the above article! Fess up.

  13. Trump WILL make America Great! says

    Have to agree with this article’s logic, there are a lot of people out there taking advantage of the situation and selling ammo and guns for exorbitant prices compared to what they usually sell for and if there was impending changes at hand it would be a sellers market but at the moment that is not the case and just like with any commodity when demand goes down so does the price!

  14. US Army (retired) says

    When they pass a law instituting background checks for CRIMINALS then I might think they are serious! Until then I’ll keep buying .308, 45 ACP, 30.06, 9mm, etc. I don’t buy pallets, just 100-500 rounds at a time when the price is reasonable. In Texas it is still reasonable. {:^)

  15. Richard Helsel says

    Joe, thumbs up on this one. Good old common sence. Keep them comming.

  16. Falcon63 says

    Gentlemen this discussion is right on as just a few days ago I was in a warehouse of an ammunition manufacturer. On the dock waiting to be added to the inventory was 75 skids of 223, just inside the overhead door was a vision barrier so you could not see inside the warehouse. Since I had to go past the vision barrier to perform the work I was authorized to do I got an eye full of inventory racks 50′ ft high full to the top with nothing but milspec. and handgun ammo as far as I could see. After about falling out of my socks I asked the Maintenance Engineer if I had died and gone to heaven or was I seeing what I thought I was seeing. He confirmed my suspicions that they were just not shipping. They were just stockpileing until they had enough to fulfill all of their current orders and resupply all their primary retailers so it would not cause another run on the ammo after it was released, and also cause the prices to go down since the shelves would be full, thus stabilizing the market pricing. Good idea just hope it works.

    1. Common Sensation says

      I hope so as well.

  17. Julie Pascal says

    Please stop buying ammo.

    You’re making it impossible for many of the new, first-time, gun owners to find any ammo at all. They don’t know all the good places to go. They don’t have the contacts. They don’t have a stock-pile. What they’ve probably got at this point is a firearm with all the functionality of a club.

    And practicing is important… especially when you’re new.

  18. alpambuena says

    you dont hear too much about how this gun and ammo grab is pissing off a lot of obama voters..but the lap dogs in the media bury that story, but i hear a lot of talk around the water cooler, and believe me, they are just as pissed as we are.

  19. BeautifulAmerica says

    I recently read that obadma and his FDA want to prevent you from buying ANY ammo on the grounds that it contains dangerous chemicals!! Amazing and Insane.

  20. Francisco Murphy says

    I dunno, I keep hearing how supply is also driving the price. Soros & Co own a huge market share of ammo companies & they’re sitting on purpose.

  21. amabokcuf says

    Crap, I got more than 10 times that. I plan on doing a little selling at some point…

  22. David Daly says

    What do you mean “do I have 500 rounds of ammo”. Heck yes! If you buy just one brick of .22, that alone is 500 rounds! Not to mention all the other calibers and gauges I own! It’s very easy to get more than 500 rounds of ammo even without panic buying.

  23. Harvey Melton says

    well ive got enough for now until later when the prices start to drop, there are other weapons you can use just as deadly and cheaper too.

  24. Michael R. Daugherty says

    Wait till the UN gets here and take their ammo.

  25. John Roberts says

    People in some states were right to go bonkers and panic. Look at New York, Connecticut, Maryland and other states. My recommendation is to buy while you can, because in some states you have every right to panic. In Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota and some of the saner states, it’s just too bad. The other states are presently dismantling the Second Amendment and people are buying before ammo permit certificates are required. Our nation also is on the brink of financial ruin, so if you don’t have your stuff, you’re not in good shape. You need self defense and food, and that’s even if we don’t go bankrupt. There are always earthquakes and other situations where a breakdown in society might happen. (And don’t think the federal agencies think things like sun storms and nuclear devices knocking out power grids are nonsense — they take it very seriously. The only “kooks” who take it seriously are individuals.)

    The time to stock food isn’t when a Category 5 storm is headed your way. And it’s also not the time to think about self defense. If you’re watching television one day and your power suddenly goes out, and there’s no radio, television, police responses (because their phones and radios aren’t working, nor are yours), you’ve waited too long. States are making it difficult to buy guns and are making them illegal just because they look scary. They’re also going after ammo, and the states that are passing these inane laws are going to want to get you fingerprints just to buy a 500-pack of .22s. And if you don’t report stolen guns or comply with their nit-picking requirements, they’ll charge you with a felony and then you won’t be able to keep the guns and ammo you have. So don’t expect a letup any time soon, because the people in affected states will pay the higher prices.

    1. Common Sensation says

      Make no mistake. They have a plan. They are counting on
      society turning on itself. Control by attrition. Martial Law. Stock Market
      shutdown. Exigent circumstances. Resource and commodity allocations, i.e.
      governmental rationing. Property seizures, i.e. eminent domain ( I think this
      will be obum’s personal favorite. His defining Executive Order.).

      They are the vanguard of societal collapse. The
      politicians and the corporate elite will be safely within their well armed
      fortresses, watching the latest and greatest video game play out on their jumbo-trons.
      Their gaming control device? Satellite communications.

      Cell towers will be dead.

      There they will sit, using their satellite phones to
      direct the DHS forces. Controlling, directing, their well planned chaos. Playing
      the game. Allocating the post-game appropriations.

      They will use any and all resources. Federal, state and
      local. They will use drones, security cameras and all other advantageous
      systems and technology (weapons and forces) as a means to an end. The end of
      society as we know it. They will emerge, in control, to reign over all they

      They do have a plan.

  26. Stephen N Russell says

    would checks apply equally or bias to felons?
    Or other kooks or terror types IE KKK, Neo Nazis, Black Panthers, NOI etc??

  27. Ranchman says

    Don’t know if there’s an ammo shortage all over the country, but, in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and parts of Texas there is. DHS has ordered more ammo than we realize. They’ve ordered it but not necessarily taken delivery of it. Because they’ve ordered it, though, it’s spoken for. Manufacturers can’t let any go to retailers before the order for the govt is filled and ready. Now DHS has ordered all kinds of non-military or LEO rounds, like .45 LC, .357 mag, .45-70 govt, and even 7.62×39 and others. It’s pretty obvious that they’re drying up the supply intentionally, isn’t it? What can we possibly do to overcome this little obstacle? We have a govt which has literally started to prohibit Americans from being able to buy ammunition for their firearms! This is tyranny people…TYRANNY! How can we fight against a powerful central govt which uses our own money against us, using it to buy up what they don’t want us to have? Yeah, some of it is panic buying on our part, buying everything the second it hits the shelves. But the govt is doing its part as well.

  28. Mason Brannon says

    I like this proposal. I am searching like crazy for 9mm ammo in my area but there is none.

  29. Rusty Schimelpfening says

    Amen. I live in Arkansas. They have passed almost a dozen pro 2 nd amendment laws just this session. I’m not worried about Connecticut or Maryland laws because they mean nothing on the big scheme of things. All will be declared unconstitutional anyway

    1. Ranchman says

      I wish I could agree with you, Rusty. But it’s the age old scheme of “divide & conquer.” The fed govt is getting states, one by one, to go along with unconstitutional bs, dividing states against each other along with the people. Soon, states with severe gun laws will claim that guns are coming into “their” states from “outside.” The feds will then start up their propaganda again, pushing for total gun control or outright banning/confiscation. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

  30. Michael J. Horn says

    If everyone that read your blog did exactly as you said, it would still have NO impact on the current shortage of ammunition. We would only be putting ourselves at risk of not obtaining ammo while it was available. I’m not paying any crazy prices, as cited above. If you shop around, you can find more reasonable deals. Consider this: What if the prices don’t come back down, regardless of the laws passed or new gun control legislation? What if the higher prices are great deals, compared to what we will see in a year or two? Even if no new laws are levied, a lot of different events can take place that will extend the shortage and make obtaining guns and ammo even more difficult, ie: economic collapse, war in Asia, etc. Think about it.

    1. Ranchman says

      Good points,Michael. Definitely some things to consider,

      1. Michael J. Horn says

        Thanks, Ranchman. Call me crazy, but I actually started preparing for disasters or long term crisis 2 years ago. Essential to this plan are the 2 Bs: Beans, Bullets and Band-aids. I did not accumulate a huge stockpile, like folks with money. I’m not really in a panic mode, either. I did purchase another Ruger Mini-14 when the prices skyrocketed a few months back. It was not the model that I wanted. Now they are becoming more available and the prices are falling. I will not pay near 2 bucks a bullet, as Cheaper Than Dirt is advertising (20 rounds of .223 REM for $37.99). I did cave in and buy the same bullets from a small, local sporting goods store at $10.00 for a box of twenty. The same goes for .357 MAG. I found a hefty supply at an Army Navy store. But, they wanted $59.99 for 50 bullets. Consequently, I did not purchase anything there. I bought the same ammo at the little sporting goods place for $24.99. Major ammo distributors like MidwayUSA, Natchez Shootering Supplies and the Sportsman’s Guide are empty, true. You just have to shop around. Although Joe’s plan is correct in theory, the reality is that a handful of people with common sense are not going to change the overall situation. It is too bad that there is no benefit for shooting enthusiasts that enjoyed firearms for years. For instance, restricting ammo sales to those that owned a gun and hunted, or participated in target shooting BEFORE the tragedy at Sandy Hook and making the reactionary (former gun control supporters) wait to obtain firearms or ammunition. Let’s face it, these folks that never owned a gun, but jumped into the market just because they feared new restrictive laws are driving this shortage issue. The major ammo manufacturers kept American shooters supplied for years before this current panic. Wishful thinking. Anyway, Good Luck!

  31. $8093868 says

    A few years back when I bought my AR-15 I got a case of .223 with it. Package deal was $1125. Try doing that today! Since then I’ve sent about 200 rounds down range and through the paper. The first batch to get it zeroed the next to get the “Wow, I own an AR-15!” out of my system. I DO enjoy target shooting with it but, hey, reality is reality. It is not made for plinking with and I don’t need to go to the range every month to keep sharp.

    Plinking is what my .22LR semi-auto Mossberg with scope is for. I’ve burned up over 500 rounds with it in the same time frame and the old budget said fine with me.

    Right now counting the .223 I’ve purchased over this time span I still have about 1,000 rounds stowed away in the ammo can in my closet. There are other ammo cans for 12 gauge and .45acp and the 22LR fills spaces.

    My point – I don’t waste ANY type of ammunition. Therefore I have no real supply problem. Shooting is fun, yes, but should the day come that I need to defend my own azz from being murdered by my own “Democratic People’s Republic of the USA” government I’ll need all I have. If it takes upwards of 1,000 rounds to defend my ground it’s because I had no help and the Gummint Goons had me surrounded. In which case I was screwed from the beginning anyway.

    A lot of people are talking like they are going to wage war against the Obamunists. How they intend to do that is beyond me. There is no Luke Skywalker Rebel Army anywhere nearby and no system of logistics and command to sustain it if there was. Going to war is complicated and expensive. Guerrilla armies are successful when supplied from a secure source and operating from secure bases. Want to learn how to wage successful guerrilla warfare? Study the North Vietnamese. Those guys were experts and love them or hate them they sure as hell were successful.

    There will be NO time to start from scratch.

    The original Patriotic Rebels had militia units and a source of munitions when they began THEIR rebellion. What does a possible guerrilla army here and now have?

    Nothing. And the Gummint Goons are not likely to give “rebels” the time they need to organize.

    Any modern day “rebellion” will be a come as you are affair that has the odds stacked mountainously against it. At least think of THAT before you take the ol’ musket down from above the mantle and head off to the village square for muster. It will NOT be an affair where you shoot Gummint Guys all day then are home for supper at 5:00 pm with the wife and kids then off to the mall and grocery store later. Speaking of the Missus and li’l ones, how do you keep THEM safe and secure while you are off capping rounds at bad guys?

    Damn me all you want for what I’ve said here but it is grounded solidly upon reality. There is much more to waging guerrilla warfare that most people think.

    And think about this too, it is the Government of Barack Obama that is in a state of rebellion against the Constitution by their deliberate and willful assault on it. NOT US.

    1. Ranchman says

      Constitutional State Militias are forming and have been forming for three or four years now. They’ve seen the writing on the wall. They’re organized and are getting more so all the time. By your name, I’m assuming you’re a vet? If so, you should sign up and lend a hand. We can use you and your experience to help train up the new guys which are joining every day. I don’t know where you’re located, but those in Oklahoma can check out either (OKDF is the Oklahoma Defense Force) or find us on


    2. Common Sensation says

      Well said Ranger.

  32. havenasp says

    common sense for now, until something bad happens.

  33. jstarusa says

    I think he’s right, folks! This buying frenzy also works in their favor. The ammo and guns could get out of most working peoples budget. And you can be reasonably sure they cant be purchased with food stamp money! Lets chill for a spell, but check the wind direction regularly. Peace! (I hope!)

  34. [email protected] says

    27 years in LE and we always used FMJs for training to save money and carried the best HPs we could afford.

  35. bobvelon says

    I’m sorry, I had to answer yes to all those questions… Seriously I don’t know why anyone would answer yes to any of them…. Now Comrade Fecalstain went ballistic when someone wanted to put an amendment to her gun ban to exclude all veterans. She said all of us veterans suffered from PTSD… She is mentally unstable and it is time she resigned or was shown the door…

    1. BushMaster63 says

      no retirement or easing her out….treason is treason, and that’s why it’s the greatest pastime with our current lot of elected liars….they commit treason the moment they take their oath because they never had any intention of honoring their oaths. Her, like all the rest, should be arrested, and tried, for treason under the UCMJ….and when found guilty should be handed the harshest sentences…up to and including firing squad. Can you imagine just how fast treason would no longer hold it’s appeal? UCMJ stands for Uniform Code of Military Justice, and is not subject to the watered down limitations of civilian/federal law. When you commit treason you forfeit your rights to those protections.

  36. [email protected] says


    And you would buy hollow points for training?

    1. Lee Burton says

      Yes!!! You practice with what you shoot in the real world, (i.e. hunting, etc..) Otherwise your shot placement will not be accurate, or you will miss your target. Shot placement is preferred over brute firepower by any marksman or sniper.

      1. $8093868 says

        I’ve fired different types of .45acp from my Glock, 230g, 180g and HP and at ranges of 25 meters and under there is NO difference that I can see. I rarely set the targets at anything greater than that because it wasn’t designed to be a middle-long rang weapon.

        The only ammunition I’ve fired from my AR is .223 ball fmj. The only other type I’d be interested in would be AP, THEN I’d go back to the range to check my zero.

        Still, the IRS agents and terribly threatened Social Security reps would probably train with gut busting hollow point simply because the Dyke-in-Chief bought so much of it for them. You never know when Great Grannie might pull a knitting needle on one of them!

        1. Lee Burton says

          Yea, ya know what they say “dead is dead” regardless of your group size or shot placement.

  37. Ernest T Bass says

    Ever heard of capitalism? Supply and demand? Nothing wrong with what he did. You don’t have to buy it. One more thing sbout DHS, they probably don’t train with hollow points, so the questions bieng asked about that are indeed legit.

  38. Ernest T Bass says

    A few things guys. Fitst, he’s actually right, you are causing the problem, and you are going to fool around and cause manufacturers to permanantly raise prices if you won’t ease up. Get a reasonable stockpile and be happy, for god sakes enough already. Secondly, ammo lasts at least 100 years if stored properly (dry), not 10 to 15 years like the genius before commented. Last, if DHS really did come knocking the average schmo would be just as f’ing dead whether he had 1,000 rounds or 100,000, so will the average wal mart shopping, un-trained, weekend wannabe warriors PLEASE get a grip, so the rest of us can get back to normal. Seriously, you know who you are, with the all caps and all. Yeah, you. Do keep up the pressure on your legislatures to do the right thing on gun control, and all the issues in the news, amnesty, abortion, the budget, all that, but ease up on the panic buying. K?

  39. Brian Rychetsky says

    Shame on you for price gouging. I have not raised my prices one penny. But I have no more supply to sell.

  40. Buzg says

    Well, I stocked up in 2009-2010, and even then I was buying powder/primers from guys in pickup trucks in the local WalMart parking lot. I reload so the ammo thing is not a real problem for me. Since 2009 I have been selling any firearm that I owned that I bought from a FFL and then replacing it with a private sale. Of course I did this long before the panic pricing. I agree with Joe. Let it lay, wait and see. I really feel sorry for the folks in CO and CT though, they really got screwed.

  41. voterid says

    Price gouging is as American as apple pie, and thankfully there is no laws against it in our capitalism society. No matter how cruel it seems, people need to do as Joe suggests…just stop buying the ammunition and the price will come down. Remember economics: supply and demand drives the prices. It is just common sense. If we all take a deep breath, stop the panic button because there will eventually be more than enough for all who want them.

    1. mountaindaisy says

      Makes me wonder if the massive buys by DHS IS BEING DONE *FOR THE PRICE TO GO UP* Indirectly exerting ammo-control??

  42. Brooklynresident says

    That phrase, “go postal,”really pisses me off. Postal facilities were some of the first “gun-free zones.” You have a higher proportion of veterans, who are familiar with, and own guns, as well as a high-pressure environment. If any ordinary person shoots someone, its usually “—–resident kills—x—people.” A mailman seems so UNLIKELY, that the press seizes on that. Check your stats. UPS has more per capita workplace shootings–or employee shootings in toto–, and FEDEX tops Them! So perhaps we wanna go all Obama on folks-I hear he’s a nasty character.

  43. JOHN T. FOX says


    1. Ranchman says

      Where??? Names, dates & locations please! You need to stop spreading things around if you know it’s not true! And, one other thing, turn off the caps lock-quit shouting at everyone!

    2. Harvey Melton says

      well u hear rumors but unless you know it as factual truth dont be spewing crap all over just get people pissed.i dont trust the banks and i dont become a target by buying gold, buy something that can be used without electricity those things will go way way up in value, buy some cheap barter goods like wiskey. cheap booze etc. make a plan of evasion to a chosen secure place that you own or coop with a friend or family member/members etc. use your head to think calmly and dont be a chicken little.

  44. Christian Dystopian says

    Bullets can be had or made from recycled dead. Brass can be recycled & even steel recycled if done properly. Powder is hard to come by on occasion but available. Primers however continue to be hard to come by mostly due to the deliberate shortage caused by the DHS over purchase. It is possible that a political reversal could put some of that ammunition on the surplus market at which time I will make my own massive purchase. Until then I will muddle along. My days of guerrilla warfare ended in 1968 so I don’t plan on any lengthy campaigns anyway. One never knows though. Some of the toughest guerrillas in history have been in in their 70’s

    1. steve says

      you said a mouth full , old dont make you a pussy

      1. John Spencer says

        Yep, old age, experience and treachery will usually make up for youthful inexperience and enthusiasm.

        Remember, if it is a fair fight, you did not plan it properly!

    2. Harvey Melton says

      yeah we just have to use our head like back then-common sense- which is rare nowdays, ive got enough ammo be able to get more by taking out the wrong intentioned target.

  45. Fred says

    I’ll stop when DHS stops!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. David Provonche says

    The problem is that the stores that sell the ammo are not going to bring down for a very long time. I hope they don’t follow what fuel companies do with the prices of gasoline. The price will drop, but not by much. When another story comes out about the Government grabbing ammo, the prices will go was up again. Time goes by and the price drops again by not that much. It’s going to keep jumping up little at a time in increments from now until that band of idiots that is presently in the White House is voted out. Now the problem I can see in the future is with the U.N. ban that is going on. There was something in it that said that they are to stop weapons and ammo from shipping internationally This means that most of the ammo that we have is made in foreign countries. This will also raise up the prices and cause more shortages. I hope that I am wrong, but it is just my 2 cents! God bless the US!!

  47. Little Bright Feather says

    I’m on low Soc Sec and could not even purchase ammo at the “regular” prices. And it was still hard to get back then. ANY so-called “law” on guns or ammo is totally TREASON anyway since DC has no power or jurisdiction over the states – if only the people in the states would realize that and get their Sheriff’s to do their original duty of keeping OUT ALL Feds from their county, and thus their state. And this new so-called ‘law’ that no gun or ammo dealer should obey (it is their DUTY to disobey DC made “laws” said Jefferson, who himself proudly disobeyed anything out of DC) and especially with this new registration in order to buy any ammo !
    People need to study FOUNDERS LAW – the laws we were suppose to be following all along, not what comes out of DC, making them our masters and ‘ruler’. Founders Law – Common Law – even pre-dates the new US Constitution that many of the Founders refused to sign !

    “If a law is
    unjust, a man is not only right to disobey, he is
    obligated to do so.” – – Thomas Jefferson

    “Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other Terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an
    American … The Unlimited power of the sword is not
    in the hands of either the Federal or state Governments, but, where I
    trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the
    People.” — Tench Coxe (1755-1824) American political
    economist 20 Feb 1788erson

    1. Rick Allen says

      @Bright-Do you think the present Government cares what our forefathers said about freedom?

  48. Bill Gieseke Sr. says

    I agree with Joe. I had gone to a gun show this past year and the prices were outrageous so I left without any purchases. Olden days it was no big deal and one could obtain a very nice rifle or shotgun at a reasonable price.

  49. JOE says

    DHS needs 1.6 million rounds of HOLLOW POINTS for PRACTICE ? NO, you can use your logic. I will survive with my comon sense. Better to be a lone wolf than a rack of lamb you infidel.

    1. Nathan Redbeard says

      Joe, yes DHS does need that much ammo for practice. DHS has about 160K peace officers (whether they need that many is another question) so 1.6 billion rounds is 10K per officer over 5 years, or 2000 per year. If they shoot 200 rounds of practice per month, they don’t have enough ammo. They probably don’t, but the math says that this is a reasonable purchase of ammunition for that number of law enforcement officers.

      1. Jim says

        No it isn’t. They can use less expensive ball ammunition like the state police do here.

        1. Nathan Redbeard says

          Every police officer I’ve ever talked to uses the same ammunition for police department training as they carry. And really, the difference in price between HP and FMJ bullets is pretty small. Like 1-2 cents per bullet. Price them out on or anywhere else.

          1. Ernest T Bass says

            All i can say is ive been shooting and buying ammo gor a long time and what you say doesnt match what ive experieced. Also, if my taxes are going to training with hollow points i’m pissed.

          2. Jim says

            My friend is an armorer and rangemaster with the state highway patrol. They use Federal American Eagle .45acp on the range, $23.99 per 50 at Midway. Street ammo is Remington Golden Sabre 230gr at $36.40 for 25 That’s quite a price difference.

          3. John Spencer says

            That’s typical of the pricing I see anywhere. About two to three times the price for hollow point.

          4. Ranchman says

            Nathan, they practice with the same WEIGHT bullet as they carry. For instance, 115gr FMJ and 115 gr HP will shoot the same. 230gr .45 ACP shoots the same as 230 gr FMJ .45 and so on. Even the bullets, to reload them, are much more expensive when buying hollow points than full metal jacket. And I just bought some .40 S&W loaded with the Speer Gold Dot. I paid like $22 for 20 loaded cartridges and paid $18.50 for 50 rounds of Federal FMJ’s at the same store, same weight (165 gr.) and everything. That’s from a store that ISN’T gouging us on the price. That’s quite a bit of price difference, not just “1-2 cents per bullet.”

          5. John Spencer says

            Let’s call it one cent difference (I’d like to know where you buy it at that price, are you sure you are not confusing hollow point, which typically comes in 20 round boxes, with JHP in fifty round boxes?)
            Let’s see, one cent for 1.6 BILLION rounds. I could retire on that.

      2. archangel says

        No one practices with hollow point. Not only is it more expensive, but
        if shooting at hard targets (steel or other) it makes the shooters
        skills look better than they really are. How would you check your
        groupings when everything is blow apart?

        The ONLY reason why they are stockpiling hollow point ammo is to kill US citizens. PERIOD.

        are preparing for economic collapse, and they know that 300 million
        guns in the hands of 310 Million Angry people who have lost their life
        savings and didn’t prepare is going to be a REAL SHTF Event.

        DHS says they are “buying it in bulk to save money?”

        Since when has the gov’t ever worried about saving the people’s taxpayer money? That’s a JOKE!

        would you pay for ammo that is roughly double the price per round and
        claim that is saving taxpayer money if it’s purpose is for practice?

        If you truly believe Big Sis Napolitano’s explanation, I have some Oceanfront property to sell you ……in Kansas

        1. Harvey Melton says

          i practiced with my 357 sig hp rounds at paper targets and got good groupings, center body mass throat eye shots etc. but yeah i only burned off about 50 rounds too time i’ll use my eyeglasses and use less.

      3. Ranchman says

        Nathan, I respectfully disagree. First, you don’t practice with hollow points, not even DHS agencies do. Second, they already had, by their own accounting books which were viewed by many on our side, over 164 million rounds left over from prior purchases (Million not Billion, but it was still enough for about three years worth). They’re also, as I posted above, buying up ammo in calibers no longer used by ANY LEO’s, federal agencies, nor even the military, such as .357, .45 LC, 7.62x39mm, .30-06, and even .45-70! Yes, our own so-called “panic buying” might account for some of the shortage but, the government’s purchases account for much more of it. Whether they take delivery of all of this or not doesn’t matter, it’s drying up the supply. And, whether or not they plan to use it on us, they’re prohibiting us from buying it in the process. This is something they very much want to do, keep us from having a bunch of ammo on hand. Why do they want to do this? IMO, the possible answers to THAT question should concern ALL of us,

      4. David says

        WHERE is the Department of Homeland Security preforming their Job At ? Has Anyone ever seen them Defending Anything ?
        It Is YOURS and Every Americans Duty to Defend Our Nation and Our Families !!! Semi Auto weapons are NOT Fully Automatic (assault) rifles !!!

      5. thehammer says

        if we have 160k dhs patrol officers sitting on there butts that need to practice 200 rounds a month all a sudden under a president that won’t in force our border rights there something going on.i dought that there were 160,000 combat patrol capable marines in afgan and irac at one time.what about the sequester ?thougt we had no money ? 2700 wheeled tanks dhs can maintain no problem ? they need 5years worth of practice rounds al a sudden.

    2. Brooklynresident says

      Not “million.”. That’s “billion.” Yeah, that’s right. BILLION. Four rounds apiece. Obama’s got bullets for everybodee!

  50. NymRod says

    It’s not coming back into supply. People should have prepared for this years ago. A lot of people did and they are not buying ammo at todays price, only those that didn’t prepare caused all the panic buying resulting in what we have today.

  51. Guest says

    I saw this coming in 2005. I started stocking up in 2006 and got ahead of the curve.

    1. JOHN T. FOX says


      1. Ranchman says

        TURN OFF THE D*MN CAPS LOCK…OKAY?????!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Anon2013X says

    Thinkfully,I have all the ammo I “need”.I know there is no such thing as “too much ammo”,I have what I need for now to defend myself and my property and I was able to stock up on .22LR to go plinking here and there.I was also able to get the firearms and magazines I needed before any potential ban ,and because Im in Colorado,before the $10 fee for background checks(thank you,Hickenlooper)I refuse to be ripped off by price gougers on ammo,therefore I refuse to buy from them and sometimes I buy what pops up at Walmart.I dont need 5000 rounds of .223 or thousands of rounds of .22LR.The chances of a Federal ban is unlikely with the GOP controlled House.People need to seriously chill out.

    1. Harvey Melton says

      i practiced with my glock31 so i would know the ”feel” of my gun and not have unreasonable expectations. my gun is powerfull, loud with a hell of a kick. sig 357 hp i have also bought extra clips.but really you see these preppers on tv now think about it, the govt has all thier resources to be able to track people down with infared heat vision capabilities and armed out the ying yang, really are you going to be able to survive that?plus if that wasnt enough to contend with what about thee roving mobs, the thugs etc.? when people kil you over what little food and stuff you may have in your possesion that would be like gold to people so what do you do where do you go good questions huh?

      1. Common Sensation says

        Make no mistake. They have a plan. They are counting on
        society turning on itself. Control by attrition. Martial Law. Stock Market
        shutdown. Exigent circumstances. Resource and commodity allocations, i.e.
        governmental rationing. Property seizures, i.e. eminent domain ( I think this
        will be obum’s personal favorite. His defining Executive Order.).

        They are the vanguard of societal collapse. The
        politicians and the corporate elite will be safely within their well armed
        fortresses, watching the latest and greatest video game play out on their jumbo-trons.
        Their gaming control device? Satellite communications.

        Cell towers will be dead.

        There they will sit, using their satellite phones to
        direct the DHS forces. Controlling, directing, their well planned chaos. Playing
        the game. Allocating the post-game appropriations.

        They will use any and all resources. Federal, state and
        local. They will use drones, security cameras and all other advantageous
        systems and technology (weapons and forces) as a means to an end. The end of
        society as we know it. They will emerge, in control, to reign over all they

        They do have a plan.

  53. cirruslogic says

    Oh, I cannot agree more, people do not realize in case something does go down, most of the fear mongers buying the ammo will not be able to use it If they wanted to, a well placed sniper will take them out before the fire off the first clip. People, please tell people to quit the panic, let prices go back down, your are killing my plinking times.

  54. Chris Bradley says

    There may not be any active current law in Congress (that is actively being pushed) that would restrict the purchase of ammunition but, the states are doing it on there own. You can hardly blame people for reading the writing on the wall. Take a look at what’s going on in California.

  55. stillsane says

    good advice unless you have no ammo. don’t panic buy only what you need.

  56. John Esch says

    I need more ammo for my Whisper and having a heck of a time finding it. Wife and I went to the range and I need to replace what was fired.

  57. vet says

    Finally some common sense,We have enough ammo now to fight this war if it gets started for at least a 100 years.So please stop it,I need to practice and I can’t waste it paper targets if its 5$ a shot.Give us old guys a chance to re hone our skills.If you need more just remember for everyone that you take down his weapon and ammo is yours.So make sure every shot counts and go collect your prize.

    1. JOHN T. FOX says


      1. ginger says

        o said in Denver (with the cops behind him) that people are saying they need guns and ammo to defend themselves against the government and that “we are the government”..duh…too bad he doesn’t really believe that but for the first time he spoke the truth…and tried to marginalize it and make fun of it. Too bad for him that We get it.

      2. John Roberts says

        I have ammo going back to the early 70s that still work fine. Every now and again, I’ll get a .22 dud, but that happens with .22s anyway. Keep it in air conditioned homes and your ammo will last indefinitely. (I know a guy whose sons found an old Colt .45 1911 packed away in a trunk. They were fooling around with it and it fired and had a fail-to-feed jam. No one was hurt, but it had been in a dusty hot attic since the war. It belonged to their father, who didn’t know it was up there. The original owner was a soldier, a vet who had been in the European theater, and apparently packed it in his trunk. The gun had no rust on it, but it was dry as a bone. The ammo still worked fine.)

        I certainly wouldn’t bet my life on any WWII or Korean War ammo, but I’ve fired ammo that was given to me by my firearms instructor back in the 70s. It was old, the brass was badly discolored with green spots on it, and the bullets were lead that had been made in a hand mold. Yep, it fired with no problem, even though I spent hours trying to scrub the lead out of the barrel. They were hand loaded .38s, which, if they were given to me today, I never would have fired it. Someone (even my friend) may have accidentally loaded too much powder into the case. I now only fire rounds I load myself.

      3. Thomas Petersen says

        I have Turk 8mm from the 30’s that still works just fine.
        I also have 7.62x54r and 30-06 from the 40’s and 50’s that also works just fine.

        Stored properly, modern ammo will outlast you.

      4. Trump WILL make America Great! says

        You may want to think again and do some research, a lot of the ammo being sold today is many decades old and works just fine, as long as it has been stored in a dry reasonably temperature controlled environment it will last decades, A lot of the surplus ammo from overseas for say calibers like 7.62 X 39 is well over 50 years old in some cases and fires fine. The biggest threat is humidity and if you store ammo in a well sealed ammo can it should be fine. If you are storing in your home it will last fine but in a garage, underground or a well sealed fire rated safe, I have one that would make everything inside feel damp till I purchased a high quality dehumidifier pack that is renewable and since then it feels dry.

      5. WhiteFalcon says

        This is not true. I have used a lot of ammo that was produced for WWII and found it to be as good as any of the new stuff. The shelf life of powder is at least 40 years, and the performance of this WWII stuff shows that to be way to conservative. I suspect that WWII ammo will be fine tirty years from now.

      6. VeeDub57 says

        Maybe we need to find where DHS is storing their ammo! Just a thought.

        1. tdrag says

          Them and the Social Security Administration (why do they need ammo?) A midnight raid is in order.

    2. Buzg says

      It’s not too late to learn to reload. It ain’t hard, just time and a little money. Find a shooting buddy that reloads.

      1. Brian Rychetsky says

        Too bad the reloading supplies are in just as short of a supply as the ammo.

        1. Buzg says

          Try they are nation wide and they have a Ammo/Reloading section on the website. No registering/fees, etc. Sometimes you can find stuff there that you can’t find anywhere else.


    Have to agree with this, it has gotten insane!

  59. Gerald Holloway says

    You are right Joe, Stop the panic, think!!!!!!!. If a law is passed,(Ha) we can worry about it then……Lets get back to normal. ……I need to practice shooting and right now I can’t because I can not get any AMMO..Please Think

    1. bobvelon says

      Well Gerald you will get plenty of practice when the crap hits the fan. Just remember Democrats that support anti-gun and anti-second amendment rights are fair game. There are no bag limits and you do not need a tag. Just drop them were you find them….

  60. Shorty Stuff says

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’m just glad somebody finally put it in writing. Let the pipeline fill back up with ammo and guns and the prices will start falling back to reasonable levels. Repeat after me … prices are set by the law of supply and demand, supply and Demand, supply and DEMAND. Lower the demand, the supply will rise, the prices will fall.

    1. Econ Student says

      Actually, you are slittly wrong about the law of supply and demand…
      Law of Supply: Goods that the consumer is WILLING and ABLE to buy at current price
      Law of Demand: Amount of goods that a producer is WILLING and ABLE to produce and bring to market at current price…
      If demand goes down, price drops accordinly, HOWEVER, supply would not increase. Supply only increases if someone starts to make more of the item…
      Thusly not the supply of ammo would increase… BUT the stock (not the stockpile, which uses stock as a shorthand) but stock (as in what is available) would increase…..

      1. Brian Mumford says

        No wonder you’re saying these things…you’re an econ student. Let me give you some free advice from someone who’s been where you are: stop drinking the Kool-aid. There are a lot of holes in current economic theory. Capitalism is starting to stand on about as stable a ground as Scientology in this country. I took micro and macroeconomics, and I read Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, and I’ve paid attention to the economy for decades. Just as important, I’ve been a retailer for much of that time. Current economic theory mixes a lot of fact with fiction, and there’s a reason for this I won’t go into. Let me just give you one example of a myriad things we could talk about because I don’t want to type more than I have to for everyone’s sake. You said, “If demand goes down, price drops accordinly”. In other words, if demand goes down, prices will drop. That’s not always true, and over time, we suffer economic consequences as a society. The population is always increasing. If a business increases the price of an item, they may keep the same number of customers or larger which creates an illusion that demand is up or at last holding when in actuality it is waning over time as a percentage of the population (as the population grows faster than their business). The business may continue to increase the cost of their products over time because 1 million people purchased this product ten years ago and 1.1 million are purchasing this now. What they don’t realize is that they’re losing market share because our population has grown exponentially. Along with this growing population is a growing number of wealthy people. As the prices of these items continue to increase, the wealthy individuals start filling the gap made by the people who can’t afford to pay them anymore. Sooner or later, these items are only available to the wealthy. Wealthy people might think this is okay, but remember, it’s the middle class that drives the economy, not the wealthiest individuals. Anyway, that’s one thought, but I would also recommend people look at the other problems with our American brand of capitalism. There’s a good book written by a Harvard/Stanford/Yale-educated economist called Occupy the Economy: Challenging Capitalism. You should read it. Don’t just accept what they teach us in college or even what I’m telling you now. Do your own thinking. Explore alternate viewpoints and challenge your professors. I did, and it was a lot of fun! More importantly, we need more econ students to do the same to get us out of this mess we’re in. Continuing to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Income rates have fallen since the 1970s and the cost of living, our debt, and unemployment have all risen–and it’s all because of this blind faith in the invisible hand of capitalism that does NOT exist. Greed does, and that’s why everyone is paying for it.

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