Stop Buying Guns & Ammo!!! (Part 2)

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Black Talon

It appears I touched on a topic a lot of our readers can relate to.  If confetti were emails, my inbox looked like the aftermath of a New Year’s Eve party.  Dave who works at Gander Mountain told me that as soon as they get a truck in that it’s like Black Friday with people lined up waiting to buy what little ammo comes in.  Gayle said she is a senior and can’t even find 22lr to buy.  I loved Kathryn’s comment. “They (government) started it.”  Another gentleman in the articles comment’s section said, “I’ll stop buying when they (government) do.”

A lot of you think that this is Obama’s fault, but panic to this degree actually started with Bill.  Remember back to 1992, the start of the Clinton years.  Now those were some crazy times.  We had the wacko who shot innocent people on NY’s subway with the dreaded “Winchester Black Talon” Hollow Point bullets, a bullet that had supernatural powers (according to the media).  We also had unprecedented gang violence/homicides in our major cities and everywhere you turned there was Sarah Brady wheeling her husband Jim around like some sort of puppet reminding everyone that guns are the reason people commit crimes (by the way, they are not).  With all the chatter of a pending Brady Bill, guns, ammunition, and high-capacity magazines slowly began to dry up and prices skyrocketed.  I can still remember paying $300+ for 1,000+ rounds of corrosive, Yugo, 7.62×39 AK-47/SKS ammo.  Those Black Talon HPs, they went from $8-$9/box to $40/$60.  It was the end of the world, so we thought.

Then, in 1994, that horrid waste of parchment (the Brady Bill) was actually passed and signed into law.  Not long after, ARs were robbed of their muzzle brakes and bayonet lugs, magazines were limited to 10 rounds, and we couldn’t import guns and ammo from China (never understood how they got that one in there).  Despite it all, we survived and the Brady Bill did just what we thought it would, nothing.  Slowly, but surely, ammo supplies once again became available.  In 2004 the Brady Bill expired and life was once again good for supporters of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.  Now fast forward to 2008 and the election of President Barack Obama, undisputed guns and ammunition salesman of the year (multiple years running).  When President Obama got elected, those of us who remembered history of not too long ago surmised that it would not be long before we would have to step up and fight for the 2nd Amendment once again.  With a Democratic President who had a questionable interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as well as a Democratic Senate and House, there was reason for concern.  If Sandy Hook or Aurora had happened in 2008-2010, there would be an assault weapons ban today, guaranteed.  So, the panic of the 1990s once again began.

Another blessing/curse that we have today, that didn’t exist in 1994, is the internet and 24/7 news.  Every piece of news/rumor is broadcast instantaneously around the world.  Facts are sometimes just things that get in the way of a sensational story.  I’ve even had some interesting conversations with some of my fellow 2nd Amendment supporters that leave me asking, “Where the hell did you hear that?”  Typically I ask this question after I’m told that: the DHS is testing HP rounds on dead bodies that have been brought back to life, that the TSA only hires pedophiles who want to fondle our kid’s twig and berries, that a double barrel shotgun is the best weapon for home defense and that you should shoot through doors without identifying your target, or something equally as moronic as that.

I believe that every law abiding person (regardless of where they live on the globe) should have the right to keep and bear arms and afford to shoot them, period.  Can I say with 100% certainty that the 2nd Amendment will be unmolested in the next 4, 8, 10, 20+ years, no.  However, my Faith trumps any governmental policy.  I’m all for being prepared (I was a Boy Scout after all), but with today’s guns and ammo prices we are pushing out the average Joe from owning/shooting a firearm.  We are also making it almost impossible for future shooters to enjoy what used to be an economical sport that taught so many of us valuable lessons in personal defense and the defense of our families and country.  Even though the catalyst often times justifies immediate action, all panic ever did was crash the stock market and kill 100 at a Great White concert in Rhode Island.

Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: @blackswampfire and [email protected]

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  1. Achmed the dead terrorist says

    It’s NEVER been about “Crime Control” .The sheep need to stop chewing on that dead old Red Herring. It’s about People Control by confiscating their means to defend themselves.
    Once we’re disarmed you’ll be astounded to see what they are going to do to us.

  2. James Riley says

    No Ammo?Obamanation-Back to Swingblade?If we can’t shoot at them as they drop from the air maybe we the people can help them land on a pitchfork.Don’t you just love this Gov.?

  3. John Roberts says

    We need to do to the first amendment what our critics have done to the second amendment. And that means muzzling the press. After all, when the first amendment was conceptualized, people only had single sheet presses and limited distribution. Now they have powerful machines that spin off hundreds of thousands of copies. And distribution is carried all over the world. There’s also the Internet. Had the founding fathers foreseen that, they might not have been so quick to grant freedom of speech to only those who can afford foisting their opinions on the rest of us. Just as advances in technology should cause us to rethink the second amendment, technology also can show the gross misuses of high speed presses, over the air and cable broadcasting, national distribution and the Internet, it should also cause us to perhaps reconsider the first amendment. All one needs to destroy freedom is apply the same logic.

  4. dangerouspatriot says

    Just as long as they save enough .223 ammo for me, so I can buy enough to satisfy me for my new AR-15. Thank you again, Joe. I should be picking it up tomorrow or sometime this week. Really looking forward to finally have it in my hands.

  5. Jack Black says

    When the government stops buying billions of rounds of ammo with our tax dollars then there will be ammo for law abiding citizens!

  6. Michael J. Horn says

    I am compelled to say the same thing as the reply to your first article: If we (all Joe’s readers) stop buying guns and ammo, we are only putting ourselves at a disadvantage. We will have no impact on the overall situation, as the panic is nationwide. I admire your faith that things will return to normal. But, I don’t believe prices will ever return to pre-Sandy Hook levels. The major ammunition manufacturers: Federal, Remington, Winchester, Speer, etc are working around the clock to catch up. Their efforts still cannot support demand. The government contracting for hundreds of millions of bullets is compounding the situation. We are on the verge of war in Asia and on the cusp of economic collapse. I am not advocating that anyone pay the super inflated prices. However, I highly recommend that gun owners shop around and get the best deal they can find RIGHT NOW. If I am wrong, you end up with extra ammo (if there is such a thing). If I am right, and you don’t purchase now, you will certainly regret it. Good Luck! God Save The Republic!

  7. websmith says

    The government can’t do anything for you without taking your money and rights. Always. It’s never about helping or protecting you. Never. Control your guns your self. Protect your self.

  8. Lee Strabel says

    obama is NOT the president.He is a fraud.

    1. Coltanaconda says

      he is the president of the fools that elected him…or should i say he is their king…He is not , never has been or will ever be my president.

  9. Dave says

    Obama is an idiot, and we all know it. Although he does know how to cause mass hysteria so the feds can get involved to fix it.

    Obama and his people what to take your rights, and if they cause enough mayhem the people will be idiots and buy in to the it’s our job to keep you safe crap.

  10. kenbarber says

    i do not have any shells, if i am not standing at the counter when they arrive, i do not get any. the shelves are bare.

  11. Carline D. Long Jr. says

    Because our Prsident Obama is creating this evil army to perhaps attack the USA Citizens I fear for the Republic. I do not fear for the republic because I think his fascist troops will defeat the USA Citizens. I fear for the aftermath, the Millions of deaths that will occur and the brutal deaths that will occur. We have seen many examples of how truly assaulted citizens can be when they finally succeed. I was originally appauled at the treatment of Ghadafi after the Lybian revolt and how mercilessly they murdered him in my eyes. I believe they killed him out of pure frustration and how they felt he Made them do what they did to be free. These are the type of things that I fear for our Republic.
    May God help us if we do not get this turned around. If we fail to get reason to interject, the Syrians war will be but a stone thrown in a pond compared. Prayer and protect your family and live each day to the fullest.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      THINK HOW STUPID a person would have to be to “join” a force that is Hell-bent on destroying the very rights and freedoms of American citizens of which …THEY are part of!!!!

      ONLY very IGNORANT dummies would trade off their liberties and freedom for temporary “authority” and a paycheck! ~ Not only will they be taking on a “job” that will be extremely dangerous to their physical being, but if they make it to retirement then they will experience the same HELL that they helped to create!
      Bottom Line; without disposable, USEFUL IDIOTS there could be NO despots or tyrants!!!

      1. machodog says

        Those STUPID, IGNORANT dummies are better known today as DEMONCRATS. They’re doing all these crazy things and supporting obama even to their own detriment. HOW STUPID IS THAT???

        1. Julie Jewels says

          You have to remember that most of these people can’t think farther than getting the new Apple product. Feeding themselves and their family often come last.

      2. andy says

        unless, of course, unemployment is so high that the only job some can find is in that army of useful idiots. They will be promised bread and bunks and all the plunder they can take from the evil rich who have oppressed them for so long……

      3. Andy says

        Emircitna, unfortunately there are so many Communists/Democrats by any name or title who will gleefully jump at the chance for so called authority! They will be not walk but run to attack rape rob and murder because they know that they Will NOT be Held Accountable.

    2. tuffy says

      As a very wise man once said,many years ago,”the tree of Liberty has to be watered with the Blood of Tyrants and Patriots,from time to time”.I feel the tree is in bad need of watering,at this time!!!

  12. LibertysSon says

    to the left wing zealots we have in politics…….

    We’re not
    supposed to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few “crazies”.

    But the
    acts of a few American “crazies” is enough to judge all
    Americans who own guns!

    1. EMIRCITNA says


    2. Earl Ritter says

      excellent point!

  13. JungleCogs says

    The Totalitarian types (Marxists, Socialists, Nazis, Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, Communists, etc.), always try to stop the one thing they hate most, self-reliance; and that includes firearm ownership (better for you to bleed-out waiting for some government agency to file a report than to defend yourself from a violent attacker).

    1. atchafa says

      I wonder if a revolution would go down would the soldiers fight against the American citizens or join us? And i wonder what the illegals would do?

      1. atchafa says

        And then there’s the UN.

      2. James Star says

        Question is would the illegals want it here like where they came from? Bullets for breakfast lunch and dinner? We will see.

      3. tuffy says

        “A Letter From The Special Forces Community Concerning The Second Ammendment”,check this out on line,written on or about 29th of Jan.This may give you some insight into your posed question.Lock up the illegals,or ship them back!If that doesn`t work,there is only one other option left,just saying!!

      4. JungleCogs says

        Solders would not fire on the American people. Their oath is to the Constitution, not King Obama.

  14. Fred Campbell says

    Excellent prose. Straight to the point.
    Mr. Ags says the truth with a punch.. I hope we hear more from him.

  15. William Butler says

    It’s all supply and demand! Once the market is fully saturated then the prices will come down. Simple law of capitalist economics.As usual, Obamas tactics backfired on him! More Americans own guns now than ever before! The nationalist army Obama said he would create is in full swing however! The second revolution is coming my friends! Google– “Obamas Blue Shirts”!

    1. 2War Abn Vet says

      Obama is creating an army alright, An army of citizens who are prepared to resist tyranny.

    2. George says

      It’s worse than that. The version of NDAA that W signed before leaving office allowed for splitting the country into 10 regions, controlled by 10 governors picked by the prez. This council of governors includes a representative from the pentagon and others from DHS and FEMA. This group reports to, and takes orders from the prez – bypassing congress and the other 40 governors and all state legislatures. O has already selected his governors.
      Last year’s updated NDAA, which was approved by both sides of congress, allows the prez to send military troops, controlled by him and/or his council of governors, anywhere in the country where there is an “emergency” – as defined by the prez. This basically negates the Posse Comitatus act – and then some.

      1. mtman2 says

        Saying it doesn’t make it so – nor happen. WE say NO + it’s a stand off, + in the divide there are more of us[on all levels} than them; + WE are commited to stand if it comes to that still, they are not really standing for anything that counts like WE are on OUR Founding. Keep telling it to the next gen…they will get it!

      2. Phil Bronner says

        Gee….so instead of having to free the country all at once from these cockroaches…we can do it region by region!!!! Sounds like they’re making it easier for us!

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