Stop Attacking Israel And There Won’t Be Any Palestinian Deaths

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Attacking the Israeli border is about as bright as sticking your hand into an active blender.

The Palestinians have gone far beyond protesting or even just teasing the border. It’s not like you’re taunting a neighbor’s dog held back by a fence with only a guess at what might happen next. The Israelis have been clear as day in what will happen if certain conditions of respect are not met at the border.

“It’s Israel’s fault for me bringing an eight month old child to a riot.”

Reflecting this, Nikki Haley is praising the “restraint” of the Israel Defense Forces after 60 were left dead after attacking the Israeli border.

This has been the most fatal clash in weeks as over 35,000 protestors amassed at 12 different locations along the security fence separating Gaza from the rest of Israel.

The attacks started on March 30th, the beginning of Passover, and have culminated in the opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem. If that start and end point doesn’t let you know the real reasons behind the “protests,” then I can’t help you understand any more.

Palestinians Looking For Sympathy Can’t Get Their Propaganda Details Right

With the death toll, the Gaza Health Ministry is also pushing sob stories to the international media, saying that a 9-month-old girl was killed because of tear gas.

At least, that’s according to some outlets.

The New York Times says that it was actually an 8-month-old baby.

Ah, whatever, as long as Israel is blamed for the death, right?

United Nations and Nikki Haley

At the United Nations this morning, Haley said:

“No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has. In fact, the record of several countries here today suggest that they would be less restrained.”

Before the initial wave of the “March of Return,” the IDF promised to pull their snipers away from their families at the Passover seder table to keep an eye on the border. But still, Palestinians broke the rules (like “don’t roll burning tires towards the fence” and “don’t try to tear the fence down”) and were shot.

Within a day, Israel-hating countries on the United Nations’ Security Council cried that Israel was being too hard and must be investigated.

The United Nations then lectured Israel to “uphold its responsibilities under international law” which states that “lethal force should only be used as a last resort.”

Haley Blames Hamas

While Israel has defended their use of live ammuniation to protect their border and defend themselves, Haley went on to blame Hamas for backing the violence and protests.

During the initial media cover of the March of Return, Hamas was very loudly making itself heard as having nothing whatsoever to do with the March, and they were definitely asking protesters to be really, really peaceful. REALLY peaceful.

But the veneer fell, because it wasn’t long until Hamas was using loudspeakers in Gaza to encourage people to rush into the border fence.

It’s not Israel’s fault for playing defense. The warnings from Israel were clear, if the fact that there’s a border fence wasn’t good enough.

According to Haley, Hamas makes the “lives of Palestinians miserable.” Her comments were made as the States on the Security Council blocked the promised investigation mentioned above.

White House Agrees

When speaking on the violence, Raj Shah, a spokesman for the White House said that the violence in Gaza rested on the shoulders of Hamas while pointing out that yes, Israel has a right to “defend itself.”

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Violence Tied To American Embassy

The opening date of the embassy was to time with the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Israel, which the Palestinians opine as “the Nakba,” or the catastrophe.

Jerusalem, as the capital of Israel, is a holy site for Christians, Jews and Muslims.

After Trump announced the move of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Palestinian leadership have refused to work with the US in future peace talks.

In response, Trump said he’d take away the massive amounts of aid money he sends them every year.

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Sources: The Hill, Yahoo News

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