Comedian Steve Harvey has message for blonde bimbo who dreams of moving to Socialist country [VIDEO]

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The brilliant Steve Harvey patiently waits for what I’m sure is a well meaning question from a well meaning woman on an “ask Steve” segment from his popular talk show regarding her dream of moving to the Socialist utopia of Sweden. I do not think she was a set up or prepared for his answer.

It’s hysterical and right on the money. Oh, by the way, yes – she’s a dope, not unlike most folks who believe Socialism works anywhere. Check it out:

What wasn’t said, was that Ikea makes a ton of money in the CAPITALIST system of America, not the “land of IKEA” Sweden. You dope.

But I love how Steve encourages her to stay in the country and “don’t run.”

Not the first time Steve has spoken his mind and not towed the liberal plantation mindset, just because of skin color:

COMMENTS: He’s a real human being not fake – can’t fake good vibes for the camera like that. Seems a modest man too.God Bless him for using his position to help the needy. Does he brag about it? – Nope. Good for him.

Steve Harvey’s a good man with some common sense. He doesn’t jump on the hate bandwagon just because CNN tells him to.

I love Steve Harvey. He’s a good man, and a great human being.

NOW: Steve Harvey discusses his visit with President Donald Trump and the sh**t he catches from blacks and asshole libs on social media

Stephen A. Smith gives his take on why he thinks comedian Steve Harvey should not receive backlash for his visit with president-elect Donald Trump.

I don’t like Stephen much but he brings up good points , Lewis and Jim Brown have said that Trump understands the problem inner city’s have and he is trying to reach out.

People will hate on the man but he’s right like it or not. Hating on Trump is what’s popular now days no matter what, and better not say something of his is right because you will have it with no end.
Steve Harvey did not vote for Trump. Doesn’t mean he’s closed minded. He’s a good person with different ideas than myself on some items and we agree on others. But I want to believe we would work together on making everything better, not run around calling everyone a racist.
Steve was obviously hurt when people who he thought were his friends called him horrific names for meeting with Trump. They are the racists and it must have been a shock for him, especially after a lifetime of working on behalf of the minority community, as Steve Harvey has done.
But the liberals have brainwashed everyone. It’s sickening. And people get hurt. Good people. People like Steve Harvey – but thank God he’s strong enough and popular enough to know those were never his friends and perhaps this is god’s way of illustrating that?

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