Steel Company Re-Opening Because Of Trump Tariffs

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Nobody in Granite City, Illinois will ever vote Democrat again. In a move that can support almost 10% of the city’s households, U.S. Steel is bringing 500 jobs, all thanks to Trump.

Recently, Trump announced new steel tariffs that have putting pressure on contractors to use American-made steel. Now, if you want to build in the States, you’ll be getting your steel made down the street instead of looking for third world suppliers. The steel tariffs, along with the construction boom thanks to a President who cares about business opportunities, is enough evidence for US Steel CEO David Burritt to make a business decision. Speaking with media last night, Burritt announced that his company would be recalling 500 employees to the US Steel plant in Granite City.

It will take approximately four months to restart the two blast furnaces and get the steelmaking back on track, which was put on ice in 2015. At the time, Burritt defended the action which put 500 people out of work:

“If you don’t have customers here to sell to and you can’t make money, you have to shut them down.”

CEO Thanks Trump

David Burritt thanked Trump during an appearance on CNBC.

Also on that night to talk tariffs was Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Commerce Secretary. Ross said that The Don isn’t trying to “blow up the world” with the import taxes and that Trump is willing to play ball with Canada and Mexico… if they’ll work with him on fixing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Burritt, who once worked for Caterpillar, said that the Trump era “feels like the beginning of a renaissance for us” and that they want to do it right.

“You’ve got to be able to make stuff in the United States. If you take away our ability to make things, you don’t really have a society.”

He pointed out that the United Kingdom used to have a lot of manufacturing, and shutting down the blue collar jobs killed the whole country.

Trump’s kids all say that they know how to drive a cat just as comfortably as a car, because their father pushed them all to understand every part of the construction business.

Steel Tariff Details

Last week Trump proposed the following:

  • Import tariffs of 25% on steel
  • Import tariffs of 10% on aluminum

After announcing these new taxes on all incoming products, a longtime White House economic adviser resigned. Gary Cohn must have been surprised to see that Trump was serious about helping out the American worker. Cohn was once the number two honcho over at Goldman Sachs, and he doesn’t like import taxes. Poor baby. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

U.S. Steel

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. Steel operates in America, Canada and in Central Europe. They are the world’s 24th largest producer of steel, and second only in domestic production behind Nucor. The company was founded as Carnegie Steel Company by Andrew Carnegie in 1892 and was later stole to a group of owners in 1901 to men including J.P. Morgan.

Their greatest employment year was in 1942 during the war effort where they boasted over 340,000 employees. Democrat President Harry Truman attempted to take over their steel mills in the early 1950s to please the United Steelworkers of America union, and they were later bullied by Democratic President JFK into adjusting their price increases.

Reagan’s administration handed down tax breaks starting in the 1980s in order to help steel producers survive when JFK’s price changes and cheap imports almost killed the domestic producers.

Granite City Jobs

Located in the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area, Granity City has a population of just under 30,000 people and was officially founded in 1896 as a company town for steelworks.

Census data from 2010 indicate that there are 12,214 households in the city with an average household size of 2.42, and an average family size of 3. Assuming that all 500 jobs will be going to either a household or family, there is a potential for 1,210 households to be supported by the mill, or 1,500 families to be supported by the mill. Almost 10% of households in the city that can potentially be supported by these jobs!

The Greater St. Louis area is named for the neighboring city in Missouri.

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Upcoming Primary

Early voting has already started this week in Illinois as party voters choose Democratic and Republican nominees for governor and attorney general, along with many other offices.

The primary is scheduled to take place on March 20th, and the state enjoys an “open primary” system where you do not need to be a formal party member to vote in the primary.

2016 Election Results

Though Trump lead the charge in the rural areas of the state, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote with over 3 million votes to Trump’s 2.1 million votes in November of 2016. Hillary’s votes were overwhelmingly from Cook County, where Chicago is located.

In 2016, even we were reporting the fake news that Cruz would take Illinois over Trump. Trump ended up with 39% of the primary compared to Cruz with 31%.

Granite City is in Madison County, where voters chose Trump. And I’ll bet they’re glad they did.

Packed stadium for a Donald Trump rally in Springfield, Ill.

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  1. Judy R says

    Jobs, jobs, jobs. I love it.

  2. katie Jones says

    I also wrote a thank you note to Trump for I read an article yesterday talking about these states where the middle class has fallen and that is not good for any state. We have got to provide jobs to the middle class for IT can not handle the whole world of jobs and we need steel for our planes etc. I hope that the US military will come back with their ship building and their tanks and motor vehicles to our steel mills.

    Hey, Detroit don’t forget our steel – which is the best! Steel is also used in our food storage which you buy in stores. Those are steel cans you buy your can goods in now not Tin anymore. If I got a steel job back I would write the President and tell him how this will help you and your family. He loves thank you notes instead of gripping notes.

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