‘Star Wars’ Mark Hamill targets Jimmy John’s Sandwich with boycott when owner’s old photos resurface: Dead Elephant

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‘Star Wars’ star Mark Hamill has encouraged his social media followers to boycott Jimmy John’s sandwich shops because the owner was once again seen on social media in a hunting photo, killing and celebrating over the dead carcass’ of large game.

The actor went to Twitter this week to go on the attack against Jimmy John’s founder, Jimmy John Liautaud, who turned up in an old vacation photo standing next to an elephant he apparently killed at a preserve in Africa years ago.

The photo that Hamill tweeted has since been deleted, but that didn’t stop Hamill from sharing additional photos on Saturday.

Others soon followed Hamill’s lead.

One user said on Friday, “If you patronize @jimmyjohns it means you’re supporting this evil animal murderer.#BoycottJimmyJohns.”

Another tweeted out pictures of Jimmy John with various other killed animals saying, “The owner of Jimmy Johns [sic] is a repeat offender. Feel free to stop buying his sandwiches and funding his inhumane exploits.”

Jimmy John Liautaud, who founded the company and currently serves as its chairman, has previously been criticized by animal rights groups for his love of big game hunting. Photos of Liautaud posing with dead “trophy” animals first emerged on the internet in 2011, according to Snopes.

Liautaud has been hunting animals such as rhinos, elephants, lynxes and zebras since at least 2002, according to Snopes. There’s no evidence that any of these hunts were illegal, however. Big game hunting has often been a source of controversy due to its inclusion of potentially endangered animals, including some species of elephants and rhinos.

It’s unclear why the photos of Liautaud resurfaced when they did, but the proposed boycott comes as numerous executives have been criticized for their support of various political causes. For example, many customers called for a boycott of fitness chains Equinox and Soul Cycle after it was revealed that Stephen Ross, who had invested in both brands, was hosting a fundraiser for President Trump.

Meanwhile, actor Vincent D’Onofrio went on a Twitter crusade of his own by attacking the Jimmy John’s owner.

“Look at this complete DONG DING KILLING AN ELEPHANT. Well that’s it for me @jimmyjohns no idea this guy was out there in my opinion behaving horribly toward animals. I’ve eaten at a store of his once. Never again. You choose. I have,” D’Onofrio said.

There’s been a great deal of debate about whether these sort of corporate boycotts are effective, and those looking to hurt Jimmy John’s face an uphill battle: The restaurant chain now has more than 2,800 locations and more than $2 billion in revenue. Still, there’s no denying the outrage many are feeling over Liautaud’s hobby.

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