Star Wars Actor Mark Hamill Goes After Ivanka Trump and her 3-year-old in Costume

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For people with a deep-seated hatred for Donald Trump, a 3-year-old is not off limits, even for the beloved Mark Hamill of Luke Skywalker fame.

I don’t understand why someone with Mr. Hamill’s fame and pedigree would sit around looking for this kind of hate outlet. Why would anyone go after a child, much less a grown man with, I assume, a PR department watching what he does. Perhaps this is how people get work in Hollywood now?

Ivanka Trump, (daughter of President Donald Trump), took to social media and posted a picture of her three-year-old son dressed up as a Star Wars character, something that should’ve been innocent enough, but for those on the far left, there’s truly nothing sacred.

Ivanka posted the picture with the caption, “The Force is strong in my family,” which earned a nasty comment from Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill. What does he do, sit around for Google alerts on anything related to Star Wars all day? Let’s be honest – without Star Wars, who is Mark Hamill? Right?

via Daily Wire:

This was enough to trigger the actor-turned-left-wing Twitter troll. “You misspelled ‘Fraud,’” Hamill wrote, adding the hashtag #GoForceYourself.”

This must be cringe-worthy to more than just me. A famous actor monitoring the costumes of little children who are born into a family he disagrees with ideologically?

Targeting a three-year-old child is pretty extreme, even for someone who hates President Donald Trump and Ivanka as much as Hamill seems to. Some folks disturbed by the post reacted in the replies.

“You sure owned those kids, Mark,” said popular political Twitter account Neontaster, who has over 100,000 followers. “Good one.”

Mark Hamill has made it clear over the last few years that he’s no fan of President Trump, and must have forgot about not attacking children.

Hamill has gone on to say that, in his eyes, Trump is worse than Darth Vader, because Vader ultimately repented of his evil and was redeemed, noting Trump hasn’t done this.

“Listen, I really get upset then when people compare [Trump] or even Dick Cheney to Darth Vader … ’cause Darth Vader repented. He saw the error of his ways. I don’t see either one of them doing that,” Hamill said to the Post.

The stupid is strong with this one. You are one sick pooch there Hamill. Go back to your imaginary swords and spaceships.

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