SPYING? If You Don’t Charge Your Phone At Night, Some Insurance Companies Could Label You ‘HIGH RISK’

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Do plug your phone into it’s charger every night before you go to bed? Seriously, this article will make you queasy after you read it! I saw this first this week in an article by Dave Lieber, The Watchdog columnist
at the Dallas Morning News.

It is no secret that the modern phone that we carry and use everywhere we go for a plethora of uses in life has deleted, to some extent, some of our privacy.

We know that with that phone, every step we take is documented. Some items, like social media, we place out there for the world to see all by ourselves.

I actually love that Google knows enough from my emails to blast a notification with all of my flight information before I wake up the day I am to board the plane. I give up some privacy for that, but it sure is convenient.

But when my insurance company starts charging me more money, because I don’t charge my phone every night, that has crossed an insane line.

How does it work?

I will let Dave tell you! Here is a portion of his piece at the Dallas Morning News:

I first heard this story from a state lawmaker a month ago, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. How could it possibly be true?

Then I heard it from the cyber expert who first told the lawmaker about this. The expert testified about the practice at a Texas House hearing last week.

Chris Humphreys, an Austin-based security expert with experience in both government and the private sector, told House members that at a conference of the Texas Association of Life and Health Insurers, he heard a speaker explain that if a phone user has an insurance company app on their phone, the company can track items including their battery usage.

Depleted battery equals a high-risk consumer? High risk equals higher premiums. Data collected on us affects our insurance premiums and our credit scores, and we don’t even know it.

These kinds of privacy abuses are exactly why we need a new Texas data privacy law. There are few rules and some companies take advantage of that.

We all know by now that the smart phone in your purse or pocket is the ultimate spying device. But you need to know you’re not powerless to stop the abuses and invasions of privacy.

Especially if you live in Texas, go finish Dave’s article. The Texas legislature seems to be trying to tighten things up concerning our privacy.

Some states are doing just that. The Federal government cannot micromanage, so do not expect anything soon.

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But really, just where does this all lead? Where will we really be 30 years from now?

There is a LOT of money in data. I am glad. Like computers and technology, the use of data actually serves a great purpose sometimes. You are most likely reading my article, because an algorithm picked it in some social format as something you would be interested in.

But like computers and technology,  there can also be a very dark side as well.

A computer deciding that I am a high risk because I don’t charge my phone every night, is insanity. It is also an unrealistic metric. I have three batteries for my phone so I DON’T have to be connected to the wall. I generally do plug my phone in at night, but it is not necessary for me to do so, by a long shot.

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