Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher is a dynamic and inspirational speaker, available for venues large and small, and on a variety of topics:

  • Spreading the American Work Ethic
  • Handling the media
  • 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Patriotism
  • Political Correctness
  • Veterans Issues

Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher crashed on the scene in 2008 when a chance run-in with then candidate Barack Obama allowed Joe to confront the soon-to-be president on his tax-and-spend Socialist philosophy. It was then, in a moment of clarity, Barack Obama let slip his real agenda; “I just want to spread some of that wealth around…”

Indeed, and no truer words have been spoken, it turns out.

Never in American history has an everyday man been drafted into the limelight and made such a pivotal point in the heat of a presidential race. Candidates immediately began adopting Joe as their guy in the middle class, mentioning “Joe the Plumber” on talk shows, stump speeches and even televised debates.

But Joe Wurzelbacher had plans other than being a prop for these wanna be Presidential hopefuls: Joe began touring the country, talking about the things he loves and believes will help our country. GOD, Patriotism, Respect, Honor, Courage; ideals that made America the best country in the world.

In his nearly 400 speaking engagements over the next four years, Joe stood alongside fellow patriots Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Mike Huckabee. Even more importantly Joe was the voice for the Americans who didn’t have one. It’s a responsibility Joe takes very seriously. He is a crowd favorite, drawing an amazing amount of numbers across the nation.

A Tea Party favorite, Joe the Plumber supported and endorsed many candidates during the historic 2010 elections where Republicans succeeded in taking back the House of Representatives and help stave off what might be total ruin for the country, economically and morally.

In Joe’s own words: “My Dad always taught me: Don’t speak about things you know nothing about, it’s a good way to look like a fool”. I took his advice to heart. No one likes to look like a fool. Being a plumber most of my life, I spoke mostly in the homes of my customers explaining what had to be done to fix their problems. I asked a question to a guy running for president, and overnight everyone knew my name, and I had two choices; roll over and hope it went away, or stand up for what I believe in and fight back.

“I chose the latter and have never backed down. Our country is too important! Liberal philosophy and political correctness is in the process of killing what made America Great, and we need more voices calling it out…and shutting it (and them) down…”