‘My Son’s History Teacher Taught Him That The Electoral College Should Be Abolished’

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For decades, we have stayed silent while our schools indoctrinated our children in the classroom, and now we are seeing the catastrophic results! From the socialist agenda, to atheism, to sexual immorality, We are seeing these principles, or lack thereof, affecting our society in many ways, including the ballot box.

My friend Jennifer Kabbany wrote this at the College Fix, and I felt it needed to be passed on.

I will share some of the piece, and ask you to take a saunter over to read the rest at the College Fix.

Great articles there on the insanity going on in our public schools and universities.

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During my son’s junior year of high school, he was taught by his U.S. history teacher that the electoral college is unfair and should be abolished.

How do I know? My husband and I had made a habit out of asking him what he learned in school each day over dinner.

And so over a plate of chicken enchiladas, our then-16-year-old son told us about how his public school teacher had bemoaned and decried the electoral college as an outdated and unjust system that subverts the will of the people.

Needless to say, we quickly explained to him how the electoral college is the best presidential voting method for our republic, as it helps protect states’ rights, ensures checks and balances, and defends against tyrannical majorities.

But my point here isn’t to cheer the electoral college, it’s to warn parents that the indoctrination starts in high school.

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We were already on high alert over my son’s U.S. history teacher. The educator had also shown several Michael Moore documentaries and Young Turks video clips in class. On the flip side, he never showed Dinesh D’Souza films or PragerU videos in class as a balance. We, as parents, viewed the latter with our son, because we understood he was only getting one side of the story in class.

It’s not a stretch to suggest my son’s experience in U.S. history was not an anomaly. Teachers in high school can often be just as guilty as pushing an agenda as their peers in the professoriate.

To be fair, my son’s government teacher his senior year of high school was conservative, and it was a breath of fresh air.

But the point is, if my husband and I had not offered a counter-argument to my son’s high school teacher that the electoral college is a good thing, would he have sought out the other side of the argument? Or would he, like so many young people today, have graduated high school with the misguided notion that the electoral college is doing damage to this country?

Read the rest of Jennifer’s piece at the College Fix! Then wander around a bit and look at the other insanity they have reported on!

Sans homeschooling, most parents have no other choice than to send their kids to public school. Don’t get me wrong, we have some great schools and some great teachers. But be very sure you ask your children every day what they learned in class. Keep yourself informed and active with your child’s school and teacher.

Go sit in a class from time to time. Se what is being taught.

It is very important!

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