Singing about Rape, Drugs and Cop Killing is Great, But Getting Slavery Wrong Crosses The Line

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Two radio DJs in Detroit loved Kanye when he rapped about price points for hookers. That’s all changed now.

Kanye West is a recent big fan of Donald Trump and free speech, and is certainly not abusing the power of social media and other boycotts to draw attention to his new album coming out in a month from now.

In response to Kanye’s latest pronouncement…

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years, for 400 years?! That sounds like a choice. Like, you was there for 400 years and it was all of y’all?”

Detroit DJs Shay Shay and BiGG are refusing to play the hip hop rapper man’s music. In a Facebook post addressing the issue, they said:

“We feel like Kanye has gone too far with his latest statement declaring that ‘slavery was a choice.’ We are over it. We don’t want to hear Kanye’s music, we don’t want to play Kanye on our show, we don’t want to talk about Kanye anymore. So we are taking a stand and we aren’t playing his music anymore; we just are refusing to give him a platform.”

The ban will last for some time based on a “gut” decision of the two hosts. So far, another station in New York has joined the “Mute Kanye” scene.

Later, Kanye tweeted:

“If this was 148 years ago I would have been more like Harriet or Nat…[I] brought up the 400 years point is because we can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years. We need free thought not. Even the statement was an example of free though…It was just an idea.”

By Harriet and Nat he means Harriet Tubman of the Underground Railroad and Nat Turner, the leader of a slave rebellion in Virginia in 1831 and was hanged for his action. The movie Twelve Years A Slave was produced partly based on Turner’s experience.

Kanye West

Born Kanye Omari West in 1977 in Atlanta, the Chicago-raised rapper has produced and performed a string of hit songs. Now, he and his wife Kim Kardashian share three children together.

Here’s a short list of people and things Kanye has compared himself to:

  • Walt Disney
  • Jesus Christ
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Nike the brand
  • William Shakespear
  • Thomas Edison
  • Willy Wonka
  • Socrates
  • Steve Jobs
  • Braveheart
  • Google

At the 2009 MTV music awards, he jumped on stage to grab the microphone from Taylor Swift after winning an award that Kanye felt belonged to Beyonce. Later, Barack Obama called West a “jackass” for the stunt.

In 2014, Kanye got into a tiff with the paparazzi at LAX and was sentenced to two years’ probation and 24 anger management classes and to perform 250 hours of community services along with a cash sum to the photographer.

Kanye West: Trump Fan?

The whole brouhaha stated when Kanye began to interact with right wing figures on social media and retweeted information from Scott Adams, the Dilbert creator who was an early evangelist for the election of Donald Trump. During the “slavery interview,” Kanye added:

“Black people have a tendency to focus and march when a white person kills a black person or wears a hat, but when it’s 700 kids being killed in Chicago it’s okay.”

Invited to View African Slave Trade Site by Politician

As the tizzy continues to swirl around Kanye for his comments, a Senator from Nigeria, Shehu Sani tweeted last night that if Kanye thinks slavery was a choice,

“…we will offer him a free ticket and tour guide to visit slave routs and camps in Badagry Lagos, Ouida Benin Republic, Ghana and Goree Island in Senegal to ‘experience the choices in chains.”

Then, Sen. Sani made a reference a bodily function and the graves of slaves.

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Sani studied agricultural engineering before turning to politics, learning the journalism trade in the United Kingdom and Germany. Don’t get feeling too cozy about the man, though. Previously, he protested George Bush’s 2010 visit to the country and has failed in his commission to release the captives of Boko Haram.

Kanye Under Fire for Stealing from the French

It’s nothing but press for Kanye lately. This weekend, he was forced to apologize for bringing in a new designer for his clothing brand who was passing off stolen work as their own, and has since been fired. The stolen design was noticed on a previous tweet showing off the great design skills of the new hire, until it was noticed that it was originally the work of a French fashion house.

Sources: Detroit Free Press, XXL 

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