Socialist Bernie Sanders Hypocritically Mocks Trump: ‘My Father Didn’t Give Me Millions’

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Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), 77, officially launched his 2020 presidential campaign in Brooklyn, New York yesterday. Just miles from the apartment where he grew up in Brooklyn. Sanders doesn’t shy away from mentioning Trump by name as some other candidates do. During his speech at Brooklyn College, he called Trump “the most dangerous president in modern American history” who wants to “divide us up.”

In the past, Sanders has waffled on immigration and climate change. No more… he’s gone full, radical socialist on those topics and others. It’s true that Sanders grew up in the heavily Jewish neighborhood of Flatbush in a middle-class family. But past is not present and he is not one of the downtrodden these days. He owns multiple homes, is worth millions, and drives lavish sports cars.

“I did not have a father who gave me millions of dollars to build luxury skyscrapers, casinos, and country clubs,” Sanders said. “I did not come from a family that gave me a two-hundred-thousand-dollar allowance every year beginning at the age of three. As I recall, my allowance was twenty-five cents a week.”

While that is true, Sanders has never held down a real job. He’s been a government employee and politician his whole life and he’s gotten wealthy doing it. Sanders also said he “did not come from a family of privilege that prepared me to entertain people on television by telling workers, ‘You’re fired.’” But he is sure an elitist now by his own definition.

“I came from a family who knew all too well the frightening power employers can have over everyday workers,” he added. So, of course, he wants to give total control and power over workers to the government. It doesn’t take any deep parsing to see the flaw in that logic.

Sanders says he is the strongest candidate to defeat Trump but in reality, he’s Trump’s dream Democrat – a full-blown, out of the closet socialist. He has hired an illegal alien as his deputy press secretary and he is campaigning with the likes of Shaun King.

Meanwhile, at CPAC, President Trump gave a two-hour speech that brought the house down and he told the packed room that Republicans need to win even bigger in 2020. He railed against the evils of socialism and ripped into the Democrats and their out of touch policies. He didn’t mention names but Democratic Socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were obvious targets of derision here.

“Socialism is not about the environment, it is not about justice, it is not about virtue. It is only about one thing – it is called power for the ruling class,” Trump told attendees. “We know the future does not belong to those who believe in socialism.” And that is the bottom line of this fight. Trump nailed it and it is why he will win in 2020.

Not even Democrats are buying what Bernie is selling these days – from the Boston Herald:

“I was doing post-speech analysis on CBSN and the host, Tonya Rivero, asked if Trump’s strategy could work. Could he really convince Americans that their only choice in 2020 is re-electing the chaos that is Trump or facing the real threat of a socialist president? It’s a good question. And I don’t know if even the Donald can make that sale. But you know who can?

“Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“It’s hard to accuse Republicans of trying to smear Democrats as Soviet-style socialists when the current front-runner for the 2020 Democratic nomination is an actual socialist who spent his honeymoon in the USSR. From his support for socialized medicine to backing the big-government Green New Deal, describing Bernie Sanders as “socialist” isn’t name-calling. It’s reading from his resume.”

Earlier in February, Sanders launched a second run for the White House, pledging to run a campaign focused on “transforming” the U.S. and “creating a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice.” He is echoed by the multitude of other candidates in the Democratic race and Americans are overwhelmingly rejecting all of it. Sanders, like Ocasio-Cortez, is heavily pushing the Green New Deal that would cost more than $94 trillion. They would pay for it by printing money just like Zimbabwe and Venezuela have done.

He says you can never go too far on climate change. “We have, according to the best scientists in the world, we have 12 years to begin substantially cutting carbon emissions before there will be irreparable damage to the planet,” he added. “I talked to some folks who were in Paradise, CA, remember the terrible, terrible fire that wiped out the whole community?”

There is no denying that Sanders is still popular. There are a lot of millennials out there that do not know the evil and dark history of socialism and how it is in truth slavery on steroids. Sanders jumped six percentage points after his appearance in a poll gauging support for 2020 Democrat presidential contenders. The polling company said Sanders’s jump in support was the “largest single-week shift for a candidate so far in Morning Consult’s tracking.”

Sanders trails Biden in second place in the race so far. He went from 21 percent of the possible primary vote share to 27 percent. However, his campaign is already suffering the loss of key personnel over ‘creative differences’. And the Democratic Party has made it clear they do not want him as their candidate.

While Sanders offers the chains of socialism, Trump made his message clear: “We believe in the American Dream, not the socialist nightmare.” Trump hugged the American flag for good measure at CPAC and the crowd went wild. Which is why there’s nobody better for Trump than Bernie Sanders.

Sanders is hypocritically attacking Trump for his wealth when he made his millions the old-fashioned way… from working Americans. You know, the proletariat.

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