Snowflakes are Protesting Prayer and Patriotism

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God and country aren’t worth much to the University of Washington, where protests disrupted a Patriot Prayer rally and students left torn pieces of the flag on the brick walkway.

Five hippies were arrested in the aftermath of the brawl that included the burning of at least one American flag. The protest was in response to the campus College Republican party wanting to peacefully spread joy. The campus group had reached out to Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer group based in Vancouver, Washington, to give a speech at the brick Red Square on the Seattle campus.

The rally was labeled a “freedom rally” with the simple goal of bringing campus conservatives together and to celebrate and promote the freedom of speech. according to the College Republican club president Chevy Swanson.

Police barricades were set up around the event, because this is Seattle and the threat against Republicans, prayer and free speech is real. But, like happens in so many cases nowadays, having the police and the barricades there may have baited the left wing hippie protesters to come out. If there had been a spontaneous prayer, there probably would have been no trouble, but announcing beforehand that police will be on hand in case of riots is a good way to invite rioters.

Students whined to local media about the presence of the God fearing conservatives, saying that it was “empowering” to be at the counter protest. Another said that he and his fellow losers were there to “fight back against the far right and fascism on our campus.” The yearly tuition to attend the University of Washington is almost $11,000 for in-state students and $35,000 for out-of-state students.

Patriot Prayer was founded by Joey Gibson, an American of  Japanese extraction but due to his conservatism is often slandered in the press as a white supremacist. His previous rallies and demonstrations have been well attended by thugs.

Gibson, and the college Republicans must have forgotten the fact that the first amendment only covers when left-wingers call for the violent overthrow and death of Republican presidents.

Student Sean Moore, interviewed by media, gives a limp-wristed soyboy analysis of the situation.

“Obviously, I’m not a fan of these guys coming to our campus and making a huge statement. They’re coming out and attracting resources.”

Obviously, this boy is hitting levels of smug previously thought impossible.

I can’t wait until this kid graduates and has a rough time finding a job in a respectable industry because he was filmed crying about Christians and Republicans and siding with the protesters shredding the flag. Aren’t midterms starting this week?

“I’m not a fan of the President and these people are fans so I want to come out here and say this is not ok. And what you’re doing is not okay.”

Not okay. Oh, you should’ve said so earlier. For fun, let’s break this down:

  • Sean Moore doesn’t like Trump.
  • Patriot Prayer likes Trump.
  • Patriot Prayer is on campus, praying.
  • It is not okay for Patriot Prayer to do what they’re doing.
  • It is not okay for Patriot Prayer to pray.
  • Because Sean Moore doesn’t like Trump.

Yeah, I’m not really following you here, lad.

Media also spoke to Kathryn Townsend who said that she voted for Trump and that the counter protesters don’t even understand the point of the rally, saying that she had been accused by the protesters as having committed a “hate crime” for voting Trump.

But still, the protesters kept on with their variety of talking points — fascism! …

…actually, that’s their only talking point. They must have all grown up in households where they got anything they wanted, and think that they can take that same bubble with them to campus and then to the real world.

Both sides have already agreed to a rematch. The winners are expected to be the local media who get to show up and take lots of footage for their evening news casts, and the losers are whoever has to clean up ripped up symbols of American freedom from the grounds afterwards.

The videos from the incident are pure gold. The hippie left wing Democratic communists don’t even need to carry signs to know who’s side they’re on. The Republican students look nice and presentable, and the rest look like a grab bag of new iPhones and new clothes designed to look as if they’d been thrifted. News reports suggested that one thousand people showed up to protest, but I just can’t believe those numbers.

Sources: Fox News, Seattle Times

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