Snooze and booze! The vineyard hotel where you can sleep in a giant wine barrel

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There’s a fine line between being a wine enthusiast and having a wine obsession, and that line happens to intersect at one precise geographic location: this vineyard in Portugal where you can stay overnight in a hotel suite built inside a giant wine barrel.

The Quinta da Pacheca estate in Douro, Portugal is offering special overnight accommodations for oenophiles looking for a particularly up-close experience, with 10 special suites built into oversized wine barrels situated just feet from its sprawling vineyards. The rooms aren’t just a novelty afterthought, either. They’re equipped with plenty of luxurious amenities you’d find in a typical hotel room, including private bathrooms with a walk-in shower, skylights, big round beds, and a private terrace.

“Quinta da Pacheca created the wine barrels as a bold architectural project of suites to reinforce the originality of the wine tourism offered at the site,” a vineyard representative said, per Metro. “In an idyllic romantic setting, these wine barrel rooms will provide visitors a unique experience to the nature and significance of the Douro wine region.”

At the moment, you can book a stay in one of the barrels, which are roughly 270 square feet apiece, for about $290 a night. Then again, if you’d prefer a more traditional hotel experience, Quinta da Pacheca also has regular rooms for rent.

Either way, before tucking in for the night, you can spend your day and evening exploring the grounds of the 140-acre estate and sampling its wide assortment of vino in the tasting room. For dinner, you don’t have to go far, since the vineyard has its own on-site restaurant, The Wine Room, which serves up upscale and authentic Portuguese fare every evening.

Then, once you’ve crossed “sleeping in a wine barrel” off your bucket list, you can move onto trying out other unorthodox accommodations, like suspended glass cabins.

This certainly is a vine place to plonk yourself for the night.

Schlafen im Weinfass, located just outside the village of Sasbachwalden in Germany, has several accommodation units fashioned out of giant 8,000-litre wine barrels.

There are eight cylindrical oak pods at the vineyard hotel, nestling amid the vines, with stays coming in at around €168 (£153) a night. Guests can get wine delivered to their doors and an aperitif is served on arrival.

Each barrel sleeps two people and guests are provided with a neighbouring barrel where a lounge area and eco-toilet is located.

Windows have been installed to allow natural light to flood in and each container is heated, so they’re cosy during the winter months.

On the subject of keeping warm, the vineyard hotel has also fashioned a wine barrel into a sauna and another into a hot tub by chopping it in half and putting it on its end.

The vineyard, owned by the Wild family, cultivates about six hectares with different grape varieties to ‘make delicious wine’ and makes fruit brandies and liqueurs from fruit grown in a 1.5-hectare orchard.

Schlafen im Weinfass – which translates to ‘sleeping in a wine barrel’ in German – isn’t the first of its kind.

The La Cofradia tequila distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, invites guests to stay at its quirky Matices Hotel de Barricas complex with barrel-shaped lodges scattered around the property.

Another wacky feature on the estate is a bottle-shaped bus, which takes people on tours of the Tequila town and municipality.

And the Quinta da Pacheca vineyard in Douro, Portugal, has a number of hotel suites inside giant barrels which are replicas of the wine vats used by the producer.

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