Slimy Comey Blasts Attorney General Barr For ‘Sliming’ DOJ And Gets Hammered For It

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Discredited former FBI Director James Comey took hypocrisy to new heights as he lashed out at Attorney General William Barr Friday, accusing him of “sliming” the Department of Justice. He would know. Once again a leftist falsely accuses others of doing what they are doing. Writing on Twitter, Comey said Barr is “sliming his own department” by acting as a spokesman for President Donald Trump. No, he’s not. It’s the closest thing to transparency we have seen here.

Comey made his comments after AG Barr told Fox News Friday that he is investigating whether “government officials abused their power and put their thumb on the scale” during the initial stages of the Russia investigation. Which, of course, they did and there is a mountain of evidence to prove it in court.

“I’ve been trying to get answers to the questions and I’ve found that a lot of the answers have been inadequate and some of the explanations I’ve gotten don’t hang together, in a sense I have more questions today than when I first started,” Barr said.

“If we’re worried about foreign influence, for the very same reason we should be worried about whether government officials abuse their power and put their thumb on the scale,” he explained.

Comey proceeded to say, “If there are bad facts, show us, or search for them professionally and then tell us what you found. An AG must act like the leader of the Department of Justice, an organization based on truth. Donald Trump has enough spokespeople.”

From TheBlaze:

“People were quick to point out that Comey’s comments indicate that he is nervous about Barr digging into the origins of the Russia investigation, which are covered with the fingerprints of Comey and other top DOJ officials during the summer of 2016.

Others pointed out the irony of Comey’s accusation.

“You should probably sit this one out,” read one of the top replies on Comey’s tweet.”

Sounds like Comey is feeling the heat and at the same time, a cold finger of fear is playing up and down his yellow spine. It might be wise for him to sit this one out considering that he is near the top of the list of those that Barr is investigating. He literally holds Comey’s future in his hands.

Just twelve minutes after his first ill-considered tweet, Comey sent off a second tweet, this one directed at President Trump. He wrote: “The president claiming the FBI’s investigation was “TREASON“ reminds me that a Russian once said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” That shouldn’t happen in America. Who will stand up?

You mean like the ones Comey has told repeatedly? As RedState pointed out: “Kind of like how “salacious and unverified stories” from a bogus dossier become the truth if they are told often enough?”

RedState further pointed out:

“The Daily Caller’s Virginia Kruta notes that the quote, ‘“A lie told often enough becomes the truth,” which Comey said came from “a Russian,” has actually been attributed to both Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin and Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.”

“Just saying, it’s funny that Comey would quote communist Vladimir Lenin. Guess he remembered it from the 70s when he was a communist.”

Comey stated, “In college, I was left of center, and through a gradual process I found myself more comfortable with a lot of the ideas and approaches the Republicans were using.” He voted for Carter in 1980, but in ’84, “I voted for Reagan—I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.” I think we have figured it out for him.

Everyone knows that former CIA Director John Brennan was a communist. But did you know that Comey was one too?

Why would anyone be surprised that former and probably currently communists like Brennan and Comey who were in charge of our intelligence agencies under Marxist Barack Obama would do what they are doing now? A more important question is why would they ever be allowed to head the CIA and FBI thus making our intelligence agencies a joke and totally impotent because of treasonous leadership? Just asking for a friend.

If real background checks were done before people such as Brennan and Comey took the helm of these intelligence agencies, it would never have happened in the first place. You are not supposed to be part of these agencies if you have had communist ties in your past. It’s a national security issue. But hey, we elected Barack Obama… it’s obviously May Day all year long now in the United States.

Sources: TheBlaze, RedState, Fox News, The Hill, The Independent, Newser, HuffPost

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