Shocking: Virginia Governor Says School Kids and Sexually Explicit Materials is Mandatory

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Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed legislation that would have allowed parents the choice of opting their children out of “sexually explicit” curriculum.

 The bill required K-12 teachers to notify parents when curriculum contained anything sexually explicit such as novels with sex scenes. If parents found the material objectionable, they would then be able to request alternative academic assignments for their children.
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The bill, HB 516, passed the State House with an overwhelming majority of 77 to 21. It was clearly a bipartisan move which would have allowed parents and teachers to work closely together in determining what is appropriate for individual children. The legislation made the statement that parents are the ones who know their children the best and are the ones who can rightfully decide what explicit materials their children are prepared to learn.

The governor disagreed. In a statement following the veto, McAuliffe declared:

“School boards are best positioned to ensure that our students are exposed to those appropriate literary and artistic works that will expand students’ horizons and enrich their learning experiences. School boards are also most knowledgeable about those materials that will best position our students to succeed in Advance Placement and other college preparatory programs.”

Seriously? WOW! How insane is THAT?

Since when do school board officials know MORE about the needs of individual students than their own parents?

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has been really ramping up on his liberalism lately. This is the same governor that just supported the right for over 200,000 felons to vote and supports  gun control. Talk about flagrant disregard for the Constitution.

Of course, when asked if HE had overstepped HIS boundaries in granting felons the right to vote, Gov. McAuliffe responded:

“Too often in both our distant and recent history, politicians have used their authority to restrict peoples’ ability to participate in our democracy.

I guess it’s o.k. for Gov. McAuliffe to restrict ” we the people’s ability to participate in our democracy”, but only if it will benefit the election of more liberals like him or Hillary in the fall. Things must be heating up in Virginia for Clinton’s campaign. It looks to me like Governor McAuliffe is positioning himself pretty good for a cabinet position.

If you think gun control, Common Core and felons voting are problems, wait until Hillary gets elected. You haven’t seen anything. We can be sure of one thing. Gov. McAuliffe will do anything to help Clinton win the presidency regardless of how lawless or blatant to our Constitution. Yep, that sounds like he’ll fit right in with the Clinton administration.




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