Shocking Video Of Abortion Doctor Claiming He Loves Killing Babies Surfaces

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A video resurfaced this week showing an alleged abortion doctor named Dr. Robert Santella alluding to the fact that he sarcastically loves killing babies. It is a monstrous video and appropriately displays the mentality of leftist Democrats. But it is not new… it’s from 2016 and was addressed in 2017. That really makes no difference. Their thirst for infanticide has not diminished.

The video appears on a Facebook post on February 7th, 2019 by a user named Marcus Rogers. It is captioned: “SHOCKING VIDEO of Abortion Doctor GROWLING and Saying He loves Killing Babies. This is just DISGUSTING [emoji] AND YOU KNOW, they don’t want you to see this one! [emoji].” Although leftists are attempting to downplay the video as out of context, old and resolved, it’s not. This actually happened in San Diego.

Another copy of the video was entitled: “SHOCKING Abortion doctor Growls & Hisses “I LOVE IT!” KILLING BABIES …” Now, to be truthful, the man in question never actually said that on the video, he simply alluded to it. It was not a direct quote. It appears that an anti-abortion protester is trying to get the doctor to admit to his crimes. Santella in blue medical scrubs approaches the protester aggressively while drinking a cup of coffee. He’s featured slightly off-camera.

I watched the video and it does appear to be physical sarcasm by the doctor and very unprofessional. These two people seem to possibly know each other. They obviously don’t like each other. In one portion of the video, the man with the camera references a hissing noise made by the other man and says “that’s what you do to babies, huh?” The man in scrubs quips “oh yeah, I love it.” A female security guard is laughing in the background.

From Truth or Fiction?:

“On August 22 2017, San Diego NBC affiliate KNSD reported that Santello had surrendered his medical license due in part to his conduct in the video, and the physician agreed not to challenge unrelated accusations:

“A longtime San Diego physician will close his medical practice December 31 [2017], and will not challenge accusations of gross negligence in patient care, and unprofessional conduct, during an altercation outside a local abortion clinic.

“The Medical Board of California detailed those allegations in a 25-page accusation filed July 17 [2017] against Dr. Robert Santella. The Medical Board claimed Santella over-prescribed narcotics to six patients and botched an abortion on another patient. The Board also cited Santella’s “aggressive” and “outrageous” behavior outside the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic on Miramar Road in June 2016 as a cause for revoking his license.

“That confrontation was videotaped by two abortion protesters, including Zephaniah Mel, who went face-to-face with Santella outside the clinic entrance. The video shows Santella approaching Mel with a pair of scissors in his right hand.

“As described in the accusation, Mel urged Santella to “stop murdering babies.” In response, Santella “aggressively pressed his face to within inches of (Mel’s) face and angrily replied ‘Why?'” According to the accusation, “When asked if he did that to babies, (Santella) replied in a guttural tone, ‘Yeah, I love it!'”

“Mel later claimed he felt threatened by the confrontation he captured on video, an allegation Santella’s lawyer refuted. Nevertheless, Santella’s actions were cited as a cause to bring action against him after the video circulated:

“Santella’s attorney, Bob Frank, said because of the camera’s angle, there is no video footage of the confrontation that supports Mel’s claim that Santella threatened him with the scissors … In the accusation, the Medical Board’s executive director said Santella’s “outrageous conduct” and “physically threatening gestures” violated his profession’s ethical code, and demonstrate Santella is unfit to practice medicine.

“While Frank maintained he believed Santella could successfully dispute the sanctions, he also indicated that the time and expense involved was a major disincentive to do so.”

So the doctor did lose his license for his unprofessional actions. He also says he regrets what he did and how he “lost his composure.” But what it really amounted to was a slip of the leftist mask showing how an abortion doctor feels about abortion. The content and context are as relevant today as then – in fact, more so in the shadow of Virginia’s governor condoning infanticide and Democrats professing their undying support for the sacrifice of the unborn at the altar of political correctness.

Source: Truth or Fiction?

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