Sheriff Joe Gathers the Posse

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his “Sheriff’s Posse” are taking on terrorism over the Christmas holidays in Phoenix.

Sheriff Joe started the posse in 1993 when he first took office as Sheriff of Maricopa County, which is essentially Metro Phoenix with a little desert tossed in.

The volunteer posse … help law enforcement officials in search and rescue and other traditional police operations. They help round up deadbeat parents, fight prostitution, patrol malls during holidays, and investigate animal cruelty. Their services are “essentially free to taxpayers” states the sheriff on the MCSO website.

Some say their primary purpose is to act as Sheriff Joe’s campaign organization.  But that’s a subject for another post.

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Every year they do provide some added security to shopping malls in the Metro area with highly visible patrols.  More visible security is always a deterrent to bad guys.

Phoenix has had some exposure to terrorists as well.

Phoenix is the home of the two Muslim terrorists who carried out the attack on the Mohammed Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Texas. As reported by Breitbart News, Usama Shami is the President of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix which was attended by the two gunmen. He claimed the shooters “didn’t show any signs of radicalization” in an interview broadcast on CNN’s “The Lead” right after the attack.

That’s right folks, they “didn’t show any signs of radicalization” because there’s no such thing as a “radical” Muslim.  There are only Muslims.  Their “faith” is radical and they’ve been butchering and enslaving their neighbors for 1,400 years.

In addition to Sheriff Joe’s posse, Phoenix has another deterrent to terrorists.  There are about 250,000 concealed carry permits in Arizona, open carry is legal, and you don’t need a permit to carry a concealed weapon so there may be another 250,000 – or more – people carrying weapons in the Metro area.

We’re looking forward to safe Christmas season here in the Valley of the Sun.

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